Guide to Using Xbox on Your iPhone or iPad

Over the years, the gaming industry has grown exponentially. Today, more consumers are consuming gaming content and are connected to various online gaming websites and apps. On the other hand, there is a growing demand for better gaming consoles. This has led to more development and advancement in the way these home gaming consoles are made. While Sony and Nintendo are among the top players in this industry, Microsoft decided to come up with Xbox which has become one of the top choices for the consumers wanting to buy a home gaming console.

However, since different technology giants manufacture these gaming consoles the problem lies when you want to connect and play games of a particular console on a device made by another manufacturer. Microsoft manufactures Xbox and therefore it would be difficult to play Xbox games on your iOS devices. However, lately with the help of cloud streaming technology users can make things possible and play cross-platform games on multiple devices. Furthermore, you can use this useful reference to find out some of the best movie apps that you can use on Xbox.

Guide to Using Xbox on Your iPhone or iPad

The Concept of Cloud Gaming

In recent times, various gaming developers have come up with the concept of cloud gaming also known as cloud streaming and Gaming as a Service (GaaS). In this scenario, the video games are run on remote cloud servers and streamed directly to the user’s device.  

The Apple – Microsoft Incompatibility

There is no doubt that Apple policies are more restrictive compared to Microsoft and that had led to Microsoft pulling out its testing of the Project xCloud. Recently, Apple mentioned that the streaming services like Xbox Game Pass don’t fit Apple’s policies as they cannot review individual titles upon their releases.

However, this rule only applies to streaming from a cloud server. You can still stream from a local console and use the latest Xbox iOS app that is available on the store.

Here’s a workaround you can use to play Xbox games on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download the latest Xbox app available on the App Store. Log into your account and set up the console. The app will prompt and guide you to do that, so follow those instructions.
  2. If those instructions are unclear you can go to ‘My Library’ and choose the ‘Consoles’ tab. Click on ‘Get Started’ and it will go through the same process again.
  3. Restarting the app can also resolve the problem so you may try that as well.
  4. On the Consoles tab, you can see your existing console. Click on the ‘Remote Play on this Device’ option. The console will prompt you to activate your Bluetooth controller.
  5. Update and connect your controller to the device like you always do and you’re ready to play on your iPhone and iPad devices.

Things to Note:

With the kind of differences Microsoft and Apple have in terms of policies it is still hard to find real solutions to connect and play Xbox games to iPhone and iPad devices. However, with the help of the streaming apps, you can now work around the options and apps that are available.

However, you need to know that you will require a Bluetooth controller to make this workaround work. This workaround doesn’t work with the regular Xbox One controllers.

Subsequently, you will have to keep your consoles on while you are playing these games on your iPhone or iPad. Also, you need to ensure that your iOS devices are on the same network and have a solid Wi-Fi connection to provide you with the best gaming experiences.


While this workaround is a bit tedious it offers a solid way to enjoy Xbox games on the new iPhone 12 devices that come with Super Retina XDR OLED displays. You can focus on how you can have the console and the mobile devices in the same room to play these games through streaming technology.