The BLUETTI Easter special is well underway, with various discounts on the most popular portable energy generators and solar panels starting April 6. Now’s your chance to mark a new beginning by switching to a renewable energy source and saving hundreds of dollars in one fell swoop!

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

Bring Sustainable Power Home and Save on Energy Bills

The AC300 & B300 Modular Combo

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

Sporting a versatile modular capability, the AC300&B300 can be extended up to 12,288Wh and a 3,000 PSW inverter for outdoor gardening, DIY crafting, RV camping, and more. Anyone who buys the AC300&B300 unit during Easter Sale can add C$599 or C$699 to get the PV350 or PV420 solar panel for a grid-free setup, or C$99 to get a folding trolley so they can bring the power station anywhere.

The AC500- A Versatile Solar Generator with LFP Batteries

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

The AC500 launched this year with great success. It’s a capable solar generator that can single-handedly run all your power-intensive appliances in blackout scenarios and power outages.

Capacity is expandable up to 18,432Wh using a B300S, and it’s equipped with an industry-leading LiFePO4 battery that has an impressive life cycle of up to 3,500 and 80% original capacity. Charging won’t be a concern, as you can plug the AC500 into a solar panel and AC outlet for a max 8,000W input rate and get it up to 80% SOC in just an hour.

Add C$399 when you order the AC500&B300S combo to get the PV350 solar panel along the way.

The Highly Compact and Portable EB3A

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

Weekend warriors and green energy starters will do well with the Bluetti EB3A in tow. It’s designed to provide sufficient power to make life comfortable even when exploring the great outdoors. Setting up the solar generator is easy, with plug-in ports for the PV120/PV200, and dual charging can be done through PV and AC simultaneous input.

With support of up to 268Wh and 600W output, you can run essential devices such as cookers, mini-fridges, lights, laptops, and camping gear with absolute ease. Buy the EB3A for only C$299 with this special code- EB3A130 which is only available during the Bluetti Easter Sale.

Longtime Favorites EB55 and EB70S

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

Both the EB55 and EB70S remain bestsellers in Bluetti’s lineup and stand as testaments to the brand’s commitment to quality and longevity. Today, both outdoor power stations are as affordable as ever and serve as excellent starting points for those who want to explore renewable energy options.

The EB70S gains a significant discount during the Easter promo- it’s now just C$649 when you use the code EB70150 on checkout. Meanwhile, the entry-level EB3A gives you unlimited energy by pairing it up with a PV120 or PV200. Versatile output options and a handle make it easy to bring either unit on picnics, road trips, fishing, and more. The EB3A is only C$299 when you use the code EB3A130.

The AC200MAX and AC200P for Off-Grid Living

Have A Happy Easter With ‘Eggciting’ Power Station and Solar Panel Treats From BLUETTI

If it’s maximum value for money you want, then the AC200MAX is the product to get. With a B300S in tow, you can achieve up to 18,432Wh, which should be more than enough for all your power needs both in outdoor and indoor settings. Controlling is done via Bluetooth or WiFi in real time. Act fast and you can get the AC200MAX with either a PV200, PV350, or PV420 by adding only C$299, C$699, or C$799, respectively.

Flagship model AC200P offers up to 2,000W continuous power in a 2000Wh capacity. Stack with either a B300 or B230 and you can easily achieve self-sufficiency. Use the code AC200P400 to get the AC200P for only C$1,899.

Highly Efficient Bluetti Solar Panels

Collect free energy using Bluetti solar panels PV120, PV200, PV350, and PV420. Attach it to your Bluetti power stations and you can run electronics and appliances even when the sun is down. During the Easter Sale, you can get up to a 10% discount when buying three units.

Get your Bluetti products at discounted prices at today!

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