Have you ever thought about tracking an iPhone?

This is something you might see in spy movies, but it’s highly possible for anyone to track an iPhone location by phone number to see where it is. Why might you need to do this? Well, there are many instances where this can be extremely useful:

  • Keep your children safe by monitoring where they are at all times
  • Make it easier to find your friends if one of you is lost
  • Find a lost iPhone with ease

See, it has many uses, most of which revolve around the idea of safety. It can be worrying when your children or friends are out and you haven’t heard from them in a while. You want to make sure they’re safe, so tracking their location is the best way to do just that.

Have you ever thought about tracking an iPhone?

The question is, how can you do this? Believe it or not, there are two fantastic options that can help you out:

Option 1: Use Number Tracker Pro

Number Tracker Pro is an excellent app that uses reverse phone lookup for any phone number to get details about the phone owner.

How does it work?

Essentially, Number Tracker Pro uses a geological service that lets you find lots of information via a phone number. All you have to do is put the number into the app, and it will present you with everything you could possibly hope to know. It pulls data from various public sources, including white papers, public listings, portals, databases, and more. This leads to incredibly accurate data that can tell you:

  • The geographical location of the phone owner
  • The person’s name and address
  • Their relationship status
  • Their cell network carrier
  • Their education/job

All of this is done in a matter of seconds, and the data is as accurate as possible.

What are the benefits of using Number Tracker Pro?

Number Tracker Pro is one of the most advanced iPhone tracker apps on the market right now. In fact, it has a whole bunch of features and benefits that set it apart from the rest. When you download this app, you will enjoy the following:

  • Discrete Tracking – you never have to worry about the other person knowing that you are tracking them or finding out more information on them. Everything is done anonymously, so you can track away without living in fear that someone will find out.
  • Track Across All Networks – some iPhone tracker apps only let you track phones on the same network as you. Number Tracker Pro is different in that you can track across all networks without worrying about being blocked. This just means you can track as many phones as possible.
  • Worldwide Tracking – that’s right, the tracking capabilities are not limited to your local area. You can use this app to look for information on any phone number, anywhere in the world. This makes it perfect if kids or friends are traveling and you want to ensure they’re safe.
  • Extensive Data – of course, the main advantage is that you get to see so much information on the number you’re tracking. You can know where they are located, who they are, and so much more.

Overall, Number Tracker Pro is a fantastic option to track friends and family, but it is also great at tracking numbers you might not know. If you keep getting calls from numbers that aren’t on your contacts list, you can put them into the app and learn who on earth is calling you.

How much does it cost?

Number Tracker Pro costs $14.95 per month for the basic plan.

Option 2: Use Family Orbit

Your second option to track iPhones is to download and use Family Orbit. This app has been carefully designed to monitor iPhone locations with just the Apple ID.

How does it work?

Family Orbit only requires one piece of information to work; your child’s Apple ID sign-in credentials. All you have to do is put these into the app, and make sure iCloud backup is enabled on their phone. From here, you can monitor your child’s activity as the app uses their Apple ID account to gain information such as:

  • Where they’re currently located
  • Where they have recently been located
  • Their most recent calls and messages
  • Their contacts lists
  • The websites they’ve been visiting
  • The photos they have on their phone

The app finds all of this information for you in minutes, displaying it for you to see via a user-friendly dashboard. You can then click the menu icon and be taken to each individual element if you want to check them individually, and there are even neat reports telling you everything you need to know.

What are the benefits of using Family Orbit?

The underlying benefit is that you keep your teens safe. It is so easy for teens to fall victim to unsafe things in this modern world. Family Orbit exists to protect your teens from any threats, ensuring they are always safe.

Also, you get the following advantages:

  • Know where your child is at all times, meaning they can never get lost
  • Understand where your child has been going, spotting any suspicious patterns to question them about
  • Protect your child from online threats by seeing the websites they visit and imposing parental restrictions
  • Get daily activity reports emailed to you to understand what your teen has been up to in the last 24 hours

How much does Family Orbit cost?

The app is available for a small paid subscription, and you get a free 7-day trial before paying $19.95 a month to use it as often as you want.

Track iPhones With Ease!

There are two fantastic options to help you track iPhones with absolute ease. If you are looking for a way to track iPhone location by phone number – and gain lots of extra information on the phone user – download Number Tracker Pro today.

For those of you that want to track a specific iPhone through the Apple ID, Family Orbit is a fantastic option. Download this today to enjoy the free trial.