Headline- LiteChaser: The Ultimate Case for Content Creators


California based filter manufacturer, PolarPro, known for its premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for cameras and drones announced on February 18, 2020 the launch of an iPhone 11 Filter System – LiteChaser Pro.

Headline- LiteChaser: The Ultimate Case for Content Creators

When PolarPro set forth to develop a new iPhone system, they focused on three core principles: high-image quality, optimized performance, and compact design. Recognizing that a seamless user experience is the foundation for any camera system, PolarPro set out to make the most advanced mobile case for content creators.

LiteChaser Pro | Set Up

The LiteChaser Pro is the ultimate setup for photographers, videographers, and content creators alike, as its streamlined design ensures that the camera you always have on you is protected and true to its form. Its compact design is robust enough for strong protection, yet allows you to stay true to your usual run-n-gun workflow.

LiteChaser Pro | Grip

By combining a protective and lightweight Case, with the ability to utilize PolarPro’s collection of top of the line filters, PolarPro utilized their knowledge and experience with pro-camera systems and created an innovative Grip system, resemblant of current camera systems on the market. Combining both comfort and performance— during both horizontal and vertical orientations— the grip includes two ¼”-20 thread mounts with features to add a light or mic, making it an ideal setup for vlogging. Also included on the Case is a rail system that allows adjustments for varied hand sizes or switching between portrait and landscape modes. So whether you are filming a short film or Instagram stories the grip can be optimized for any creative’s workflow.

LiteChaser Pro | Filters

Unlike most mobile filters on the market, LiteChaser Pro is engineered as one proprietary system to seamlessly enhance mobile content creation. PolarPro wanted to take what they were known for, through their prestigious line of filters, and adapt it to a mobile system. Precision light control is essential when creating high-end content, and as a result, PolarPro custom-engineered a line of filters to be compatible with LiteChaser Pro. To ensure you have the correct shutter speed to achieve a more cinematic look in your footage, they built two filters that stop specific amounts of light: an ND64 (6-Stops) and an ND8 (3-Stops). Additionally, they decided to make a mobile version of their Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter with this one reducing within the 3-5 preset range. To round out their lineup, they added a Circular Polarizer, the essential filter for capturing deeper colors and reducing glare, reflections, and haze from your photos. No matter what type of footage you are looking to create, the LiteChaser Pro filter system will have you prepared for any scenario.

You can purchase LiteChaser Pro on PolarPro’s website: polarpro.com.

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