As a society we have never been hungrier for video based content and this, coupled with the relatively low costs associated with equipment and software needed to make a professional product, has made the pursuit of great productions more and more urgent.

Helpful Tips On How to Choose the Best Editing Software

We are all now mini content creators and the tools available to us to make great visual feasts for our ever insatiable audiences make the journey towards virality all the more accessible.

Maybe you are an aspiring influencer looking to put together great social media packages, or perhaps you are cutting together a YouTube podcast and want a solid video editing software choice that makes your project look like the real deal.

Additionally, if your needs aren’t necessarily based around the social media revolution, the relatively low cost of equipment means that budding film directors can look to shoot shows and features on shoestring budgets, and still come out with a product that genuinely looks professional.

But here too, you’ll want a video editing software package that helps you cut and splice to your heart’s content. All in the pursuit of a kick ass production that will turn heads and get you noticed.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of video editing software packages, of varying degrees of quality, so when it comes to editing software what should you be looking for?

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Editing Software

To help narrow down, and better target, your search for the ideal editing software for your needs you’ll find the rundown of the key factors below.

Ease of Use

There’s no point in getting the best, and newest, bit of editing software kit if it’s beyond your capabilities. If you are a beginner then you’ll need to stick with, at least initially, with those video editing software packages that are catered for your skill set.

Ideally your video editing software choice will include a great many tutorials to help you get to grips with the product and indeed your initial journey into video editing as a whole. There should also be templates available that will help you get started with your first projects.

Also you’ll want the interface to be intuitive and not an environment where it will take weeks just to figure out where certain settings are placed and preview areas are available.


It’s true that there are a bunch of free video editing software packages, and some of these are actually top quality, but on the whole you’ll find one of the following issues will come into play.

Either the free package will be missing some features and aspects that will hold back the editing process, and the end product may suffer, or alternatively (and perhaps even more annoyingly) you’ll find that a great many add-ons will be behind paywalls and just out of reach.

Advanced Capabilities

The best editing software packages and services will not only be easy to use by beginners and novices but also have the advanced capabilities needed by those who have more experience in the editing field.

Therefore the software you select needs to be constantly evolving and the addition of new plugins and add-ons will help make the software fit for purposes as you get more attuned to the skills needed to really use them effectively (and not just for the sake of them).

What are Your Needs?

Are you an amateur video editor? Do you intend to build up your resume and move into more professional areas of the market? You’ll need to figure out where you sit on the video editing spectrum in order to find the software that suits you.

For instance, if you are putting together a feature film that is set for som    e level of release (national or international) then you’ll need something on the higher end of the scale (such as Adobe Premiere Pro).

However if you are shooting projects on your phone or making something for the fun of it, then you can clearly look to use a less professional package. That doesn’t mean that the package will be any less relevant for your usage, or poor quality, it just means it will include features that are for your needs.

Does the Editing Software Package Handle the Types of Files You’ll Be Using?

Depending on how you shoot your material, you’ll need an editing software package that works with the files you use. Clearly the high-end titles, such as Final Cut Pro, will be able to cover any such eventuality. Others won’t necessarily support 4K or will do so in a clunky manner.

Also you’ll need to be sure that your software choice can export at speed and also has a good range of audio file compatibility.

Make Use of Free Trials

We’d strongly suggest, especially for those who are new to the field, that you take advantage of free trials that are available. These are a great way to have a fiddle around under the bonnet and you’ll usually know within a matter of hours, whether the video software package is right for your specific sets of criteria. Just be sure to cancel any trial ahead of the payment for the full rate.

Desktop Video Editing and Online Video Editing

As well as choices of software there are alternative editing options available. Some online video editing suites are quite decent but will not offer you the depth you might require. One other option comes in the form of a desktop-based video editing service that could be great for Windows and Mac users.

These can really be game changers but will require your computer to be able to cope with the workload. These will require a powerful PC, or Mac and some are quite pricey, but well worth considering over conventional video editing software packages.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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