If you’re interested in developing an app for iOS, you should start by learning from the good ones. According to Statista, over 2 million apps are on The Apple App Store. Here is what the best of them do well:

Here Is What Good Apple Apps Do Well

#1 They Fill a Market Need

Before you approach a top iOS developer with your Apple app idea, check the demand for your app. The most successful Apple apps fulfill a requirement. Apple apps that don’t satisfy a need are usually low on the download list.

#2 They Match the Ecosystem

The best Apple apps match the aesthetic qualities of the Apple ecosystem. They’re also compatible with different Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, seamlessly working on different form factors. Additionally, they may synchronize across various Apple platforms to give users a better experience.

#3 They are Stable

Apple apps are known for their stability, unlike some Android applications. This is partially because of the restricted nature of Apple’s ecosystem. But your app developer must also have a comprehensive testing system to ensure that your app is stable.

#4 They are Secure

Although iOS malware attacks do occur, they’re rare. Still, you must ensure that you work with a local and reputable app developer that takes care of cybersecurity. Some low-cost developers from overseas are known to leave exploits in software.

#5 They Use Negative Space

Some of the best Apple apps avoid overwhelming users with information or stimulus. Their developers realize that smartphone screen real estate is limited and avoid making apps appear too busy.

Not only does negative space look attractive, but it also makes apps more functional — users typically avoid apps that offer jumbles of text. Top Apple apps convey information in a subtle, clever, and aesthetically pleasing way.

#6 They Can Be Addictive

If your goal is to keep users on your platform, then take an example from apps that earn more engagement. The most downloaded entertainment, news, and even social media apps can be quite addictive.

For example, TikTok uses sophisticated algorithms to ensure that users are hit with entertaining video after video. When users try to exit, the app hits them with one last video to keep them on for a little longer.

Similarly, Twitter’s steady post stream encourages users to keep refreshing and reading. With every refresh, Twitter users see interesting new content.

The goal of most addictive apps is to trigger a dopamine high. According to The Guardian — dopamine has users hooked on technology. The exploitation of the brain chemical has users tapping apps and social media more often.

Of course, while your app can nudge users in the right direction, it should avoid exploiting them. Modern technology users are pretty savvy and can see transparent attempts from apps to keep them hooked.

#7 Wireframing

Wireframing is a way to design an app at a structural level that considers user needs, layout design, and functionality. This process allows apps with different functions to have similar and familiar design languages. Work with a developer that leverages wireframing to develop an app with a winning pattern, flow, and logic.

By seeking inspiration from the best Apple apps in the business, you can also develop a world-class application.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.