Here’s How You Can Exchange Bitcoin for Theta

Cryptocurrencies are conquering the minds and hearts of more and more people around the world. They are an excellent investment option, they allow you to earn money, carry out monetary transactions quickly and reliably.

Most transactions with coins are carried out through special cryptocurrency exchanges, however, an alternative method has recently become most popular – through cryptocurrency exchangers.

Cryptocurrency exchangers

A cryptocurrency exchanger is a special service designed to exchange coins for other tokens or for real money. There are two types of exchangers:

1) Offline. These exchangers have a physical office. To exchange funds, you must fill out an application online, after which you need to come to the specified address, where you can receive funds for your coins, or vice versa – pay for transferring a certain amount of Bitcoins or other tokens to the wallet.

2) Online. They do not have offices and work online. The user creates an application on the exchanger’s website, pays for it, a certain amount of money or tokens is transferred to his account.

Differences between the exchanger and the exchange

The main difference is that the exchange is a trading platform, it is an intermediary who does not himself participate in transactions, transactions are carried out between users. The exchanger acts as a seller and a buyer with whom the user works.

Because of this, the exchange rate depends solely on the wishes of its owner. He independently sets the course for each direction. At the same time, for each transfer, you will have to pay a certain commission of cryptocurrency exchangers, which is much more than the commission for transactions on exchanges.

But exchangers also have advantages:

1) Availability. The exchange is very simple. To do this, you do not even need to register on the site, it is enough to indicate your payment details and pay for the created application. In addition, the interface of the exchangers is very clear, they support most payment systems, electronic means, cards of different banks, etc.

2) Speed. Money can be exchanged extremely quickly. Correctly selected operating mode allows you to complete the entire procedure in 10 minutes.

3) Discounts. Some platforms offer discounts for new users, as well as for regular users, thanks to which the commission for transfers can be reduced several times.

But you need to remember that all these advantages do not matter if you choose a site with an unprofitable course. No matter how convenient and fast such a system is, it will not allow you to make money, and you will only lose money. You will need to make a bitcoin to theta conversion at first.

Best cryptocurrency exchangers

To choose a suitable exchanger for financial transactions, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • Duration of work. The site must work for at least a year.
  • Reviews. It is recommended to use exchangers with a large number of positive reviews and no negative reviews.
  • Mode of operation. Automatic and semi-automatic mode allows you to receive funds faster and less worry about whether you will be cheated.
  • Exchange pairs. The more exchange pairs the exchanger offers, the more convenient it is to use it.
  • Reserve. For the exchange, there must be a sufficient reserve for the currency of your choice.

The easiest way to choose a suitable exchange platform is to study the information on special aggregators: BestChange, YChanger or others. They collect information about exchangers and allow you to quickly evaluate rates, commissions, reviews and other important features of platforms before exchange operations.

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