Here’s What You Need To Know To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fanbase


YouTube is one of the best platforms to let people know about your business and to widen your reach as a retailer. As the number of YouTube users increases, it provides a brilliant opportunity for retailers to scale and to benefit from that ever-growing number. However, it’s not only about starting a YouTube channel that you need to carefully consider. You also need to think about how you can increase the number of subscribers you have so that you can reach more people through your YouTube videos. This can be a tough task for beginners but there are ways through which you can ensure you are constantly growing your fanbase on YouTube.

Here's What You Need To Know To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fanbase

Focus On Awesome Content

Content is king and that holds absolutely true on YouTube as well. Remember that YouTube comes close behind Google as a search engine so it’s pretty huge! You want to focus on creating content that your subscribers and new visitors love. This will help you connect with more people who will be more than happy to subscribe to your channel. From the moment you’re starting a YouTube channel, you want to ensure that you post content that people are willing to watch so you can build a large audience.

One of the best ways to create content is to make educational videos that enable people to learn how to do something from scratch. You can make videos about how the products and services you offer can make a difference; educate YouTube users about why they should be interested in your videos. This can help build strong relationships with your audience. Retro Supply Co. is a great example. Another way of creating content on YouTube is to make fun videos that captivate your YouTube audience. An example is the YouTube channel of Vat19.

VAT19 makes a series of fun videos to engage their audience
VAT19 makes a series of fun videos to engage their audience

You can use storytelling as a way to create YouTube video content. Storytelling is a powerful means that sticks on people’s minds and that drives home a message. You can create videos that inspire people and that speak about the fundamentals of your business. For example, you can create videos that help people get a sense of what you value as a business. This can help create your business’ image that people will remember and associate you with. Videos can have a strong impact on how people perceive your business so through storytelling you can do that just like GoPro’s channel does.

GoPro focuses on excellent storytelling to garner more views and subscribers.
GoPro focuses on excellent storytelling to garner more views and subscribers.

Make Them Keep Coming Back For More

As a retailer you want your followers to look forward to what you upload next. Moreover, you want the people who don’t follow you to want to follow you. Have you noticed how you watch an interesting video from one channel and then you want to watch more and more? There’s something important to learn from this. As people get interested to watch your videos, they will find that your channel is worth subscribing to because they get some value from your videos. Here are two ways through which you can make users watch more of your YouTube videos.

If you didn’t think about organizing when starting a YouTube channel, then now is the time to do that. Making playlists of the videos you post not only gives structure to your channel. This will be appreciated by old followers and new visitors alike. Playlists can sometimes show up when users are searching for similar terms on YouTube too. But you need to have enough content to organize this way. The benefit of playlists is that only your videos will be playing simultaneously one after another instead of videos from other channels. Add video link (that’s part of the playlist) to any one of your other videos to encourage users to binge-watch the rest of the playlist.

If you have been operating your YouTube channel since quite a while and have a minimum of 1k subscribers along with 4,000 hours of watched videos, you’re eligible to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program. This enables you to add cards. YouTube cards enable you to provide links that take your followers to external websites. For example, Shopify store retailers who run a YouTube channel can easily link back to their store websites so that subscribers can directly make a purchase. This enables a quick purchase and you can make more sales this way through YouTube. Cards can be used to suggest other videos on your channel so people can watch more videos.

Starting a YouTube channel and increasing the number of followers isn’t difficult when you keep the content in mind and ensure that you maintain the interest of your subscribers and new visitors to your channel as well.


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