Hiro Ando and Steve Aoki give tips for creatives to break into the NFT space


Both these artists in their sectors have tried to create milestones with their NFT project “Samurai Cats.”

Out of the many industries that have been on a constant rise, especially from the last few years, are the crypto and the NFT world. Many new talented beings, as well as established names, have tried to make their mark in the space by introducing and launching their own NFT collection and projects. Among them, one professional artist named Hiro Ando (@hiroandoofficial) from Japan has bowled people over with his venture in the sector. To add to people’s surprise, the incredible American DJ Steve Aoki also joined hands in the NFT project by Hiro Ando called “Samurai Cats” (www.samuraicats.io). Steve Aoki confessed that he partnered in the project because he saw its immense potential to disrupt the space positively. Hiro Ando, too, couldn’t contain his excitement to be a part of the industry after being a pre-eminent personality in the world of art, being a contemporary multidisciplinary artist.

Hiro Ando and Steve Aoki give tips for creatives to break into the NFT space.
Hiro Ando and Steve Aoki give tips for creatives to break into the NFT space

Steve Aoki mentions that the latest trend in the blockchain is the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are cryptographic tokens representing digital ownership of unique items like music, artworks, gaming skins, and much more. On the other hand, Hiro Ando explains that there have been several celebrity launches where the industry was born from a niche sector of creators with an appreciation for rising technology. Below he and Steve give a few tips for creatives to break into the NFT space.

•          Be authentic: Hiro Ando explains that the industry is becoming increasingly competitive with each passing day. Still, many feel tempted to launch an NFT. However, amidst such competition, it is essential to not lose hope if they don’t get a certain NFT launchpad. It is advised to be authentic in both their artistic strengths and visions.

•          Capitalize on the NFT community: Steve says that people need to get directly into the NFT artist community. Also, they can connect and get great advice from semi-established artists in the industry through Clubhouse chats and the Twitter community. Getting directly into the community will open more doors of communication between them and the artists, which can give them helpful advice that they seek.

•          Focus on marketing: It is essential for people to focus on marketing themselves by making efforts to promote themselves across online platforms. When people make a personal connection with others, it becomes easier to sell art as it leads to both the artwork and the artist getting appreciated. Steve and Hiro both believe that word of mouth and social momentum can help people jumpstart their careers in the world of NFT.

Hiro Ando also lays out a few NFT owners’ benefits, where he highlights that consumers can get ownership and commercial use rights granted to them on their NFTs, they get access to many benefits in their “Galarie Club” in the metaverse, they get the opportunity to discuss and share with their artists, special benefit on his physical artworks, Events, openings, and exclusives auctions, and so much more.

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