How Apple Technology Contribute to Education


Maybe 50 years there was a story about one Australian couple and their two kids living somewhere in the central part of Australian desert all alone. There wasn’t any school hundreds of miles around so kids were spending every day 3 or more hours sitting near the radio and having lessons with their teachers from school, situated in Melbourne. That short story was widely discussed and a lot of people were admiring the achievements of technology and how it could cause impact on education.

How Apple Technology Contribute to Education

Now it sounds hilarious especially taking into account the technology evolution.Technology has been woven in children’s lives since their birthday. A great dash has been done from a possibility of remote education by radio to all those modern gadgets, created for us by leading companies, such as Apple, first of all. Nowadays we have deal with advantages of technology evolution and its contribution to all branches of life and especially education.

A professional team of academic experts from Smart Writing Service made a short observation of some possibilities of gadgets in education Apple company proposes us and make analysis of their evident advantages.

Apple products make education available and convenient for kids with  learning limitations:

Every iPad, iPhone, and Mac has built-in communication features that support learning.

With Speak Screen, a reading experience becomes a listening experience. It’s extremely important for children with dyslexia. Speak Screen can read text from different sources of information- from books, web pages, magazines or email on iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s built-in screen-reading is an invaluable help for blind students.

Deaf people can use video iChat for communication in sign language with their classmates and teachers.

Audio and visual features of the Calculator and  Grapher applications help dyscalculic students with understanding equations.

All IOS devices are exciting and useful tools for students with attention deficit and other learning difficulties. The teacher can minimize eye strain, leaving access to only one application.

Apple products energize the creativity in students and make learning more attractive:

The leader in the market of modern technology Apple company  offers a wide choice of decisions how to motivate students to study better and blow up their creativity.

A powerful and multifunctional  iPad gives students the opportunity to explore the world and make their projects easily. Mac has enough power for the most incredible ideas. Built-in applications and intuitive interfaces iPad and Mac are able to create an individual learning environment for each student. Because every student is unique.

Students and teachers prove that IPad is more preferable than usual PC or interactive boards:

  • It facilitates their work at the lessons;
  • Popplet, Quick graph, Keynote, Quizlet, Nearpod, IMovie and others cause genuine interest in the process of learning and making different projects;
  • Each student can work in personal rate and choose personal content and application suitable just for him;
  • Now it is possible to get knowledge not only within school building;
  • The process of learning is not time-limited any more;
  • Students become responsible members of the learning process;

IBooks Author let teachers create individual educational materials for IPad in consideration of student’s needs.Features such as multi-color text selection, notes, search, study cards and a glossary help students to be more organized and better prepared for the lessons. Built-in questions for repetition help them to immediately check their knowledge and understand which topics need to be paid more attention. iBooks support VoiceOver, “Speaking” and recording video with hidden subtitles, providing opportunities for all students.

Safari, which is used to deliver the best-in class websites and apps, is very popular thanks to its  powerful new features, smart developer tools, and cutting edge technologies.

True value of every Apple device isn’t measured by how powerful it is, but how much it helps to improve the process of learning.

Technologies cannot drastically change education, but they become a catalyst for innovative processes.

The ability to use technology nowadays is a life skill and an important type of literacy.

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