There are a number of things a new business owner needs to familiarise themselves with before they commit to incorporating barcodes into their business. The decision to purchase barcodes is one of the most critical decisions you can make in order to ensure that your business moves in the right direction. The advantages of barcodes and barcode systems far outweigh the small investment required. They are very important tools that you can use to boost your business’s efficiency, and therefore profits, and will without a doubt pay for themselves many times over in the long term. Which can be described in more detail on

How Barcodes Streamline Retail Businesses

The days before Barcodes

The retail world looked a lot different before barcodes were created.  Shop owners could not realistically stock a lot (hundreds or thousands) of items or else they would run the risk of either charging the incorrect amount for an item, or having to spend time manually looking up the prices.  This meant that retail stores back then could not expand any larger than a small family shop run by a handful of people. This . Because of the systematic nature of barcodes, they have also lowered the amount of human error that occurs and saved money for the business in the long run.

Purchase barcodes and give yourself complete control over your inventory from the start to the finish. They make it easy to accept products into your sales system. They help to streamline the sales process in many different ways. They help you to know precisely what stock you have at hand. Knowing the sales figures will help you to make the critical decisions necessary to ensure that you meet your client’s needs and wants.  In the past, it was necessary to completely close the business in order to do regular stock checks. These days, using codes means that you can do these stock checks while still being open to the public.  This saves both time and money and ensures that your inventory is accurate. 

There are very few retailers out there that will stock your products without barcodes. Therefore, by investing in a code, you will ensure that more retailers will accept your products. In turn, this will increase the publicity surrounding your business and ensure that you build up a regular client base.

One of the best ways to enhance your reputation as a business is to get barcodes. They demonstrate that you believe in your products and your business as a whole. Retailers will take you  seriously, as will your competitors and your customers. You are in it for the long run. Barcodes show that you are committed to making a success of your business and you are not going to give up easily.

Types of Tools in your Toolbox

Okay, so you want to get barcodes for your business. Which ones should you buy?  There are many different kinds to choose from. The best idea is to purchase barcodes that meet your specific and unique business needs. . They range from simple, one dimensional to the more complex, two dimensional.

The two most popular barcodes are the EAN and UPC.  These one dimensional codes are from America originally, but are now being used in retailers throughout the world.  You would choose these barcodes if you want to sell your products in retailers both in and out of South Africa. They are the regular, rectangular codes that we see everyday when we go shopping. They are used to control the sales process and ensure that it runs as smoothly as humanly possible. The UPC is twelve digits long and the EAN is thirteen digits long. They may seem like two different kinds, however they are actually the same. The only difference is that the EANconsists of an extra 0 in front of it. This is the most preferred among retailers.  How many would you need to buy?  You will need a unique one for every variation and size of your products. For example, if you are selling honey in 250g and 500g sizes as well as in two different flavours, you will need four barcodes.

Another one that many businesses choose to purchase is the ITF-14. This is the format that is used to accept products in bulk. An example would be if you are selling your honey in bulk to a retailer, you would sell the 250g in a box of 6.  The ITF-14 would be linked directly to the individual products EAN. In this way, when the retailer scans this, it will automatically bring up a case of 6 bottles, not the individual products.  Many retailers require you to have these in addition to the retail barcodes.

In addition to these, you get the more complicated, two dimensional formats. These are square images with black shapes against a white background. These are special since they are able to be scanned by any smartphone. They are also able to store a certain amount of information.  By scanning these, you will be linked to a website address. The most popular two dimensional format is the Quick Response code. These are used in many ways in businesses throughout the world.  Firstly, they are used when clients would like to pay for their products using their Smartphone. There are several payment applications that are available. Two popular ones are Snapscan and Zapper. More and more clients are opting for this form of payment and are appreciating the convenience and safety of not having to carry any cash or cards around with them. One of their best uses is in promoting your business.  They can be used to increase the general public’s awareness of your business and all that you offer.  In order to find out more about your business, all these possible clients have to do is to scan your QR. This will link the clients to all the information that they need to know in order to support your business.

The process to purchase barcodes is simple and easy.  Barcoding companies are ready to meet all of your barcoding needs. They supply the full range of at the most reasonable of prices. They supply both EAN and UPC. Our service is fast and reliable. We require a once off payment with no yearly renewal fees or hidden costs. Purchase barcodes andyou can rest assured that they are fully legal and registered.  Before you know it, you will have your barcodes and be ready to take the world by storm. 

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