According to recent research, 80% of consumers are willing to pay extra for the enhanced user experience. So investing in good UX is of crucial importance for businesses of any size.

How Can a UX Consultant Help Your Business?

Companies that don’t have the resources to hire an in-house UX designer or want to use the services of a professional specializing in a particular niche choose to work with a UX design consultant. This person has all the expertise and knowledge on how to improve your website or app, so the users can easily interact with it. Before choosing such a professional for your business, it’s important to get deeper into the topic and understand the difference between UX and UI designs, as well as learn all the benefits of working with a UX design consultant.

What Is a UI/UX Design?

Fully understanding the difference between UX and UI design is important when you want to hire a top-notch UX design consultant.

UI design is about the visual part of your platform. This includes color scheme, font choice, button style, etc. Developing a unique style for your brand and sticking to it across all communication channels would allow customers to easily recognize your business.

UX design is about ensuring an easy and uninterrupted user journey. Firstly, users should be able to quickly find all the needed areas on your platform and complete the desired action. Secondly, they should have an easy experience communicating and working with your brand across all possible communication channels.

How Can a UX Consultant Help Your Business?

Who Is a UX Design Consultant?

A UX design consultant is a person who would deeply analyze the current state of your platform, conduct profound research of users’ needs, and eventually create an improvement strategy. Such a professional will not only find all the weak sides in the UI/UX design of your platforms but discover the aspects that can deeply influence your business. This person can look at all issues from different points of view, gathering information properly and structuring it with a logical and constructive approach. 

When Do You Need Such a UX Design Consultant?

Here are the most common situations when companies decide to hire a UX design consultant:

Deep Business Problems

Businesses may notice that a big amount of users stop interacting with a platform at a particular stage of the user journey. Or companies may notice that users always stop using the services after a particular event. UI/UX design consultants can help organizations in such situations by conducting a profound analysis of the user experience and its possible flaws. By making research, gathering, and structuring information, those problems can be fixed immediately, improving lots of business aspects.

Fact Project Growth

Sometimes having in-house UI/UX design team is not enough and you need a professional who would have a more strategic point of view into the whole business ecosystem. During rapid business growth, the amount of problems increases exponentially. So it’s of crucial importance to analyze the current level of users’ satisfaction with your product and find areas of improvement. UI/UX design consultants can help you to keep the consistently high quality of the services provided.

Development of a New Product

UI/UX design consultants can easily help you at the start of your business by constructing different strategies and avoiding possible mistakes. Usually, the UX consultant knows exactly what should be implemented, how to analyze the target audience and their needs, and how to create a loyal community around your product. The creation of a great UI/UX design requires lots of time and effort, so this issue should be addressed at the very beginning of any product development.

Desire to Find the Best Solution

The best UI/UX design solutions are not always obvious, so one of the important tasks of a UX consultant is to constantly generate improvement ideas and test them. By allocating a budget for UI/UX design testing, you’d be able to make well-informed business decisions and provide a much better user experience.

Need to Complement Your Existing Design Team

With your in-house UX designers and an independent UX Consultant, your design team will work its best! A UX consultant that has vast experience in your niche and many successful cases would be able to provide valuable advice and share his knowledge. He can also inspire your current team to test new approaches and forge innovations.

How Can a UX Consultant Help Your Business?

Where to Find a Good UX Consultant?

There are many ways to work with a UX consultant: you can hire the person in-house, work with a freelance UI/UX design specialist or use the services of outsourcing companies. While each cooperation model has its pros and cons, outsourcing usually deems the best results.

By contacting design outsourcing companies as Purrweb you can save the time and money you’d otherwise spend on the hiring process. Such companies already have a vast database of experienced UX consultants, so you are guaranteed to be provided with high-quality services.

How to Choose a Good UX Consultant?

Review Portfolio

While choosing a UX consultant for your project, make sure to review their portfolio to see what challenges the person has already tackled, what solutions have been offered, and which results have been eventually achieved.

Choose a Professional with Niche-Relevant Experience

Design approaches that work great for certain niches may turn out to be useless for others. That is why it is so important to work with a UX consultant that is familiar with your industry, its audience, and their pain points.

Ensure that a UX Consultant Fits Your Company Culture

A UX consultant would directly influence the direction of your project and business development. So it’s important to make sure that the person shares the values, mission, and long-term goals of the company.


Working with a UX consultant can take your business to the next level. Such a professional can find solutions to deep business problems, create a long-term UX strategy and significantly enhance the quality of services provided by your company. Choosing a professional with a proven track record, niche-relevant experience, and needed values is not an easy task. However, by contacting outsourcing design companies, you can get access to a big database of top professionals who would be able to transform your business for the better.

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