How Concert Tickets Have Changed In The Digital Era

Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of standing in a long queue to buy concert tickets will appreciate the new technology called mobile ticketing. With the advancement of technology in the digital era, buying tickets to attend a concert has become relatively easy. Digital tickets or mobile tickets offer a high level of convenience and security to concert-goers.

What are Digital Tickets?

Digital tickets are tickets that a ticket buyer receives on their mobile phone. Just like a paper ticket, these tickets hold details of an event or concert taking place in a venue near you. They come in the form of QR codes as WAP messages, MMS, or SMS. All you need is your mobile phone to access the tickets to attend a concert.

There are two types of digital tickets that concert-goers can buy, namely e-tickets and mobile tickets. The difference between these two types is that an e-ticket comes in a PDF form in your email. This type of ticket can be opened via email or through an approved app. Mobile tickets work in a similar way with e-tickets. However, you don’t need an email to receive the tickets. They are received via text message or email and can be opened directly. This option is more popular than e-tickets and is used by a huge crowd of people.

Where to Find Digital Concert Tickets

Years ago, before technology brought out some of its best aspects, buying tickets to a concert meant standing in a long line to reach the box office where tickets are sold. Tickets were usually in paper form, and it isn’t uncommon to see quite a crowd around the venue that held the concert. But the digital era has a lot to offer, including a hassle-free way to buy and store concert tickets with just your mobile phone.

Various online mobile platforms offer digital tickets. With the change in time, more people are resorting to technology for the highest level of convenience. A lot of artists are embracing the idea of paperless tickets because they provide greater ease to buy and store and also contribute to a cleaner environment, among others. You just need to find a verified ticket website to buy digital tickets.

How to Buy Digital Concert Tickets

If you wish to buy a digital concert ticket from an online ticketing website, you need to sign in to the app or website and check out the concert you wish to attend. Note that not every event offers the privilege of mobile ticketing. If the event supports digital tickets, you will find a mobile ticketing delivery option. Select the option and enter the details of your mobile phone, such as the phone number, phone carrier, and phone model.

Once the transaction is done, you will receive a text or email message that will deliver the ticket for the concert you wish to attend. How you receive the ticket depends on the type of mobile carrier you have. Carriers like AT&T will send WAP push messages, while Verizon will send the ticket via PIX picture. Generally, tickets are received in the form of a barcode image where you will have to provide your phone to scan at the venue. If the phone isn’t able to receive MMS, an SMS is usually sent that contains an alphanumeric code.

As paperless tickets, there is no fear of losing the ticket unless you accidentally delete the message that contains the ticket. Keep your ticket safe and bring the phone along with you when you go to the event. The ticket collectors will scan the code on your phone and allow access to the concert. In case you have booked mobile tickets for more than one person, you should arrive at the venue together during the time of scanning.

Advantages of Buying Digital Concert Tickets

The digital era has contributed a lot to the advantage of events management. There are numerous advantages when it comes to paperless tickets. One of the top advantages of digital tickets is that you don’t have to touch station ticket machines or come in contact with others. This ensures safety and convenience as you can easily book them on your phone in the comfort of your home.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing the tickets as they are bought and stored over the phone itself. All you need to do is take care not to delete the message. Remember to bring the phone that contains the code for scanning during the time of entry.

With digital tickets, waiting in long queues has become a thing of the past. You can book your tickets at home through your phone in advance and arrive at the venue and have the code scanned directly to get access to the venue’s seating.

Digital tickets also allow fans to buy tickets quickly without wasting time. It can be problematic to find paper tickets at the last hour of the concert. But with mobile tickets, you can book them and receive tickets even at the last hour. Generally, it only takes about 30 seconds for the ticket to get delivered to your inbox. If the traffic is high, it may take slightly longer than 30 seconds, which is still quite convenient and efficient.

Sometimes, abrupt network errors can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to show your code to the ticket collectors. However, with mobile tickets, you don’t need the internet to access your tickets every time. Once you download it, the ticket will be available for offline use for easy access.

As society moves toward building a cleaner and greener environment, digital tickets play a crucial role in minimizing litter that can come from paper tickets. Also, they are more cost-effective as there is no need for express delivery. 

Aside from buying your way into concerts with mobile tickets, you can even use these digital tickets to book train journeys and other convenient advantages.

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