How do I Free Up Storage on my iPhone 14?

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
How do I Free Up Storage on my iPhone 14?

Upgrading your iPhone to iOS 14 will give you a wonderful experience. However, you will realize that such an upgrade may be just a little costly in terms of storage space required to sustain it. That is why you should be worried about freeing up storage to optimize performance on your device.

Sluggish phones can be so devastating that we now do a lot of tasks from the handsets. If you are already upgraded to the latest iPhone 14, you should be able to enjoy a good deal of available storage space and good speed. In this article, we will show you how to clear iPhone storage to free up more space without losing data.

How do I Free Up Storage on my iPhone 14?

Tip 1: Review Your Storage usage

Storage usage data gives you the best picture of how the storage of your iPhone 14 gadget is spent. That is why we consider reviewing your storage a first step in fixing and freeing up more iPhone storage space. You can do this by visiting the settings section and navigating to “General” then choosing “iPhone Storage.” Check the photos and apps among other files consuming most of your storage.

Step 2: Offload Apps you do not Use

Keeping apps that you do not use can clutter your iPhone storage. You can easily fix storage issues caused by unused apps by offloading them. You will need to review apps that are not used from the settings then use that information to decide which apps are worth offloading so as to clean iPhone storage efficiently. You can then offload the apps you choose by holding the icon down on the screen and applying the manual delete.

If you do not need the app data, you can follow this up by deleting app data, backups and cache. This is because offloading an app only may not really free up space on your iPhone 14. You should however decide which option gives you the best deal with storage space.

Tip 3: Clear Cache

Clearing cache is the other wise way to free up storage on iPhone 14. In order to clear cache in Safari, follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings and navigate to the 5th group of options, enter password as required and then choose Safari.
  • By scrolling down, tap the “Clear History and Website Data” option.
  • In the pop-up window, confirm that you want to clear history and website data to confirm.

Remember, this action logs you out of your accounts on the website. You can also do this on Chrome by tapping the three dots available on the bottom right corner and hitting the history utility before choosing to clear browsing data.

Tip 4: iPhone Cleaner Apps

You might already be using some storage cleaner apps. This is also a better and easier way to swiftly delete duplicate photos on iPhone. An easier way to free up iPhone 14 storage space when you want to keep this task automated. You just need to install the app, launch it, and select media files and documents you no longer need then choose clear to delete them.

Tip 5: Clean up Photos App

If you own iPhone 14, you most likely use it to take photos on a daily basis. But do you really need all that gallery of photos taking up your iPhone storage space? You may need to reexamine your gallery and choose which photos to keep and which ones to delete. Cleaning up the photo’s app is the other quick fix when freeing up space on iPhone 14.

Select the photos you do not need and delete them manually from your gallery. Once you do this, follow them to the “Recently Deleted” folder and delete them from there too.

If you have a large mass of photos, you do not want to lose, you can still free up space by sending them to cloud storage and deleting them from local storage. However, do not do this with iCloud as you will end up losing all your photos. Instead, you could send them to Google Photos or drive storage.

Tip 6: Remove unwanted Music

Music forms part of our daily living. However, there could just be too much music in your storage. By removing unwanted music and videos from your storage, you will be able to regain control of your iPhone 14’s storage space.

To clean iPhone storage, open the settings tab, go to general tab, and then iPhone Storage. Select Music then find a summary of all your songs and albums through the button area.

You can delete tracks and albums by swiping left or use the Edit function so as to delete multiple albums and tracks at once. Still, you may want to use a storage cleaner app to clear unwanted audio from your iPhone.

Tip 7: Compress Large Videos and Photos

Having some videos and photos in your iPhone 14 can be a good experience especially if you enjoy watching and rewatching those momentous events. However, a large film of an event you attended many years ago could be taking up space for no good reason. While you may still want to reimagine such events by watching them once again in time, reducing their file size by compression might just be the best thing to do.

You can compress videos and photos by going to settings, photos, then optimize Phone Storage. This will however save the files in Apple HEIC format and not JPG. Of course, you can convert them back to JPG if you prefer so. For video, you can do this by going to settings then camera and changing the format under record video and record slo-mo. Also, you can use third-party apps to compress large videos and photos.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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