How do I use Spotify on my Lexas Rx? Let’s Ride with Joys!


Spotify is one of the famous music players with tons of features and functions. It is an in-car music streaming device to enjoy favorite songs and podcasts while on wheels. Like that, the Lexas Rex has Spotify that gives you access to millions of songs and other content worldwide.

How do I use Spotify on my Lexas Rx? Let’s Ride with Joys!

Lexas Rx is a medium, stylish, luxurious, and compact seven-seated passenger car. More companions with Spotify will make your journey more enjoyable. So, don’t miss it! 

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss Spotify in your Lexas Rx 2022. But, you may have confusion in using Spotify on your Lexas Rx?

So, no more words. Let’s closely look at ‘How do I use Spotify on my Lexas Rx.’

A short overview of Spotify

A digital music, audio streaming, and podcast service is called Spotify. The Spotify service comes in 2019 for car owners who did not have any technical system for audio play. Gradually, the companies start the Spotify service on their car like Lexas RX.

The feature of the Spotify app is a Spotify connect. It permits you to stream music to any consistent audio service over Wi-Fi. It is easy to use Spotify connect, requiring two presses of a button. It also removes the problem of Bluetooth pairing.

In-car amusement system, the audio music platform of Spotify’s is called ‘Car Thing .’It is now available in general. While driving, the Spotify music plays in-car without any dispersion.

How do I use Spotify on my Lexas Rx?

When driving, you can easily use Spotify on your Lexas Rx. It allows you to listen to any content of music and podcasts of your choice. But, for this, you have to maintain some processes and several related factors.

Let’s find the using process of Spotify on your Lexas Rx that can favor you to connect Spotify perfectly.

Using process of Spotify on Lexas Rx

For using Spotify, first of all, you need a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with a Spotify app that supports Spotify connect. Then you need to have an internet connection and a Spotify account. 

Before starting Spotify, you must log in to your Spotify account. Now, your home page is ready for browsing popular music playlists.

The device you are in Spotify from and the audio device you want to play music are both needed to have the same Wi-Fi network. When riding your Lexas Rx, plug your phone into a USB port and select your favorite song to play.

When making the playlist, don’t be upset about searching every piece you wish to add. 

You can affix more songs later by clicking on the three dots menu, switching after a song, and electing additional to a playlist. If you genuinely enjoy a playlist made by anyone else, it may also appear in your playlist section.

Is Spotify Free or Premium?

In Lexas Rx, Spotify comes in both free and premium packages. The primary and ad-related version of Spotify is free. It grants vast access to the whole list of music and podcasts but comes with a few troubles.

Subscribe to Spotify Premium to enjoy pesky ads-free streaming. The paid version of the premium package might be worth it for you because of its benefits. Let’s find out what the benefits are?

  • No advertisements.
  • High-quality audio system.
  • Access offline listening downloading songs.
  • Unmeasured skipping facility.
  • Avoid forced shuffling on the mobile app.
  • Use Ad- supportive Hulu access.

What Amount of Data does Spotify Use?

The amount of data you use in Spotify may vary depending on the music streaming quality. The high-quality music streaming player costs more data than the regular one. Spotify premium is $9.99/ £9.99 for a month to use.

Generally, amounting to around 40MB per hour, you will be using about 2MB plus of data per every three minutes songs. You can use 1GB of data for reaching 1 hour.

Is Spotify be used Offline?

Yes, you can enjoy Spotify offline streaming. Spotify premium has access to you to download songs and playlists for offline listening. For listening to music offline on Spotify, you must be on offline mode.

Some necessary things you should learn about listening to Spotify offline

  • It is impossible to download music from the Spotify web player.
  • It is not easy for you to download a single song from Spotify.
  • You can only show your downloaded songs from Spotify in OGG Vorbis format.
  • You can’t open or play downloaded files without the Spotify app.
  • You should be a premium user for downloading Spotify music.

If Spotify doesn’t work?

If your Spotify is not working, you can check that your Spotify apps and devices software are up-to-date. You can also check your device is connected to the internet. To active Spotify, you can restart your Lexas Rx and Spotify app. If necessary, you can delete the Spotify app and then reinstall it.

When your USB or AUX cable is not responding, make sure it is a suitable cable for your device. If it is damaged, then try another one. If the problem continues, you can go to the car/stereo manufacturer for further help.

Using Spotify: Don’ts 

When you are on wheels, you must care about all your safety. Never sink into songs while moving faster with your Lexas Rx. Keep eyes on street signals and put ears on horns over the played music. 

Don’t play music louder on the busy street to have a safe ride. And never avoid traffic rules while enjoying your favorite songs on Spotify. 

Final words

Spotify is a car-in music player that makes riding moments melodious. Install the music player in your Lexas Rx car to move with joy. And turn your boring time into delights in heavy traffic with Spotify.

However, never miss subscribing to the Spotify app premium for unlimited music streaming. And turn your Lexas Rx into a music station. Have a happy weekend with Spotify car-in music streaming. Never mind following traffic protocols to move with peace.

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