How Does CASB Work

In recent times, companies and organizations have started to use cloud services as a means to store data, get work done, etc. With those services comes a need for a security service.

CASB, cloud access security broker in full is software in between a company’s cloud users and cloud service provider. It also makes sure that all activities meet security policies. 

How Does CASB Work

CASBs Usually offers the following:


Helps to check credentials of users and make sure users only have access to company resources they are permitted to use.


They are important to identify malware and stop them from penetrating the company’s network.

Data loss prevention

This feature ensures sensitive company data don’t fall in the wrong hands by monitoring user activities.

Web application firewalls

These firewalls block software that is designed to gain unauthorized access to an application in the organization systems.

What CASB does

CASBs work by making sure that data activities from the cloud user end and the cloud provider is monitored and checked if it falls in with security policies.

Cloud access security brokers take a record of cloud application use across different cloud platforms and pinpoint unauthorized access to data. This is of paramount importance in regulated industries.

 Cloud access brokers enforce different security access controls which include device profiling and encryption. They also use auto-discovery to identify which cloud software is being used more by employees. They identify high-risk users and other dangerous factors.

They also provide support services such as, when single sign-on is not available, credential mapping is provided.

Use cases for CASB

 CASB explained tools have grown to integrate other IT security services. Although some companies like Bitglass and Netskope, still offer stand-alone tools.

CASBs are exceptionally useful in companies or organizations with shadow IT operations that enable operating units to get and manage their own cloud resources.

The data collected by CASB are not only used for security purposes, but it can also be used to monitor cloud service usage. It is a means of cutting down costs.


With CASB, McAfee, SkyHigh Network and Netskope are just some of the more prominent members of the cloud access security brokers business.

 CASB vendors have included or expanded features for security tasks, like the following:

Single sign-on

This allows cloud software users to enter a one-time username and password, and be able to access multiple applications.

Compliance reporting tools

It makes sure that the organization’s security system adheres to corporate policies and government regulations.

User behaviour analytics

This feature analyzes user behaviours to spot dangerous activities that are indicative of a data breach or attack.

DevOps integration

This functionality does CSPM and vulnerability checks earlier in the application development cycle. Continuous testing in DevOps helps identify risk and gives meaningful feedback to developers within the designing process.


It encrypts data from when they are created until it’s resting in the cloud.

Where do CASBs run

CASBs run in one of two places, either on the premises of the organization or in the cloud. This means companies have the option of choosing a cloud access security broker or using one on a physical appliance on-site.