How Fast is the Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6?


The latest in Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6 will be making a splash this year. It makes total sense, since more than half the world are constantly looking to the internet for their entertainment, news, communication and daily needs, and the faster the connection, the better.

How Fast is the Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 isn’t just a simple bandwidth upgrade, though. Here’s everything you need to know about the emerging internet standard.

First, What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6, otherwise known as 802.11 ax is the newest addition to the Wi-Fi standard family. It’s the sixth iteration of the 802.11, hence the term ‘Wi-Fi 6’.

Keep in mind that it’s not a means to connect to the web, like fiber. It’s better to think about it as an upgrade to the router speed transmission.

How Speedy is Wi-Fi 6?

The short answer to the question is, we don’t know. The hardware isn’t out yet, but experts say that Wi-Fi 6 could be 30 percent faster than its predecessor, which translates to about a max speed of 10 Gbps.

Wi-Fi 6 will enable Recommended AX Wi-Fi Routers to be more equipped to handle all that bandwidth coming from internet-connected devices. The sheer amount of demand coming from a household’s smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, smart hubs and smart appliances can quickly overwhelm older Wi-Fi standards, and WiFi 6 is the answer to that dilemma.

Think about it. Even in a one-person abode, an internet user may be tweeting using his mobile phone while playing an online game and watching Netflix at the same time. Add CCTV cameras, smart lighting and a hub running in the background and it’s easy to see how Wi-Fi 6 could de-congest all that internet traffic without slowing everything down.

Bottom line is, the internet speed you’re getting won’t be boosted but the quality will be significantly noticed, especially if you’re a heavy user.


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