How Good Are Aftermarket iPhone Screens


In the past, aftermarket iPhone screens were a hit or miss regardless of whether you got them from the US or China. The quality was not consistent and the reliability was a coin toss. The warranties were difficult to claim and, in most cases, nonexistent.  Most of the US suppliers were simply trying different suppliers from China until they found one that would not rip them off, as much as the others. The manufactures were using the cheapest quality glass they could get away using, and the LCD manufacturers were doing the same. For several years, these practices gave the aftermarket iPhone screens a very bad reputation. The most reputable iPhone repair stores, like Cell Phone City, were only using original screens for several years.

How Good Are Aftermarket iPhone Screens

Over the past year or so, some larger US companies have gotten more involved and become more a part of the Chinese manufacturing process. This has resulted in an extreme increase in the quality of the aftermarket iPhone screens. To start, the glass is much stronger and breaks much less frequently. The quality of the materials has increased in the assembly process, which gives the consumer a very close to original replacement screen with almost no negative side effects. The touch screen is very accurate and has almost no difference from the original iPhone screen. The colors of the display are accurate and, in some cases, even brighter than the original screen.  The factories testing process has dramatically improved, which allows for much better warranties and much fewer returns than in the past.

The iPhone repair industry is growing and the quality of the parts are starting to see the benefits of that growth. In the US, we now have reliable suppliers that can warranty and guarantee the quality of the parts that they are sending out. High quality aftermarket iPhone replacement screens are the biggest innovation the cell phone repair industry has seen since its inception.

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