It is no news that digital assets are instrumental to any 21st-century establishment. When properly deployed and exploited they can improve sales, visibility, customer experience and automate your workflow to prevent stress and strain. Content marketing is fundamental to any business that wants to be 21st-century relevant

How Good Is Your Digital Asset Platform?

Something of such value has to be properly managed to avoid instances of mismanagement and undervaluation. Thus, it becomes imperative to have a structure that manages, sorts and labels digital assets. A digital asset management platform is the easy way to exploit the benefits of digital assets.

If you are seeking to improve your creative workflow whilst maintaining efficiency and top-notch management you should consider a software that maximizes the value of your assets. Daminion is the right pick for you and your establishment. You deserve the best!

What is a Digital Asset Platform?

A digital asset platform also known as digital asset software helps organizations to store, organize, find, retrieve and share data from a centralized source. A digital asset platform facilitates collaboration and file-sharing of assets.

How Good Is Your Digital Asset Platform?

What does a Digital Asset Platform do?

A digital asset platform does the following:

(1). Prevent duplication of digital assets

(2).  Analyse the performance of each asset and its impact on the consumer market with inbuilt system analytics

(3). Ensures that all assets are contained in a single source of truth to enhance discoverability and easy retrieval.

(4). Setting expiration dates and timelines for licensed assets

(5).  Easy distribution of the company’s digital assets to relevant stakeholders within the structure.

The Worth of a Thing Lies in its Efficacy

What standards should you use to test how good your Digital asset platform is?

Does the standard lie in its intrinsic function or comparison to other software?

The choice of your digital asset platform can either make or mar your business that’s why you should use software that is crafted to suit your unique needs. Daminion offers unique features that would proffer solutions to your company’s asset management issues. Its efficacy is evident by the number of companies making use of the software. It boasts of about 750 users( companies).

One parameter to test the competence of your Digital asset platform is its utilization of assets to create value. If the assets are not used to create and maximize value then it’s high time you had a rethink and a rehaul of the entire digital asset platform.

A good digital asset software must be able to automatically add descriptive keywords to assets to boost retrieval and make the search process seamless. Manually adding keywords to assets is a grueling task especially if your company has a vast array of digital assets. Also, your digital assets platform should have a smart search or an intuitive search feature. This option suggests synonyms and words that are related to the keywords disputed. This feature would turn out useful in instances where your requests do not match the results.

Also, a digital asset platform must be user-friendly. It must take into consideration the needs of the users. Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. The software must be easy to navigate and operate. You must be able to teach others easily on its proper usage. It’s an added advantage if the software supports third-party integrations as it makes the workflow seamless. You can integrate with apps to create and edit assets. You can even integrate the software with social media platforms so that your digital assets can be shared from your asset catalog.

How Good Is Your Digital Asset Platform?

Do you have a User Support Team?

 They are saddled with the responsibility of answering questions as regards the operation and functions of the software. They can also provide specialist training for your users to increase their knowledge and technical know-how of the platform.

In making informed decisions as to the quality of your software you must verify if your software is comment enabled. A good platform that allows users to view and comment on projects. In allowing this, future corrections and adjustments would be made which breeds improvement.

How Good Is Your Digital Asset Platform?

Is your storage good enough?

A cloud-based digital asset software is a good fit as it saves cost and it’s effective. It does not require the extra cost of hiring on-site IT experts which are usually associated with an Onsite digital asset software. Also, a platform with inbuilt system analytics to track asset performance is a good one as it gives the company an insight to restructure these assets to maximize value.

A platform with an automatic watermarking system ( a component of AI technology) is an added plus. With this copyright infringement issues are nipped in the bud. The costs of manually watermarking images, videos, and other assets are enormous and not worth the strain.

The software should also afford the users flexibility in terms of operation. You should be able to make your custom labels and tags or even metadata that would be attached to files to facilitate easy retrieval and brand consistency.

One factor that distinguishes good software from mediocre one is its security structure. The security system it affords must protect the assets without compromising their value. Features such as end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, regular backups to prevent instances of data corruption and malicious hacking. Also, antivirus software should be readily available on it in which only an admin can turn it off. Your platform should also have a preview feature. An archive without a preview is worthless. Your digital asset platform must be able to create thumbnails as they allow users to find and download information quickly.

Also, a vital question to ask is can you update external portals with your logos and colors to conform with your brand identity? If your answer is negative then you should consider an overhaul of your entire platform. Your platform should be brand-centered.

How Good Is Your Digital Asset Platform?

Wrapping Up

It should be noted that the aforementioned features of a good digital asset platform are not mutually exclusive. They all exist together with each affecting the other. An absence of one negates the other. They are individually necessary and jointly sufficient. You must strive to meet the criteria as a defective digital assets platform tells on the quality of services you render. It also portends great danger for your establishment. The axiom” Better be safe than sorry never grows old”.

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