How Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet Will Bring the Internet to More Than 60 million Rural Homes

Over the last few decades, the Internet has changed our lives – both for the better and for all time. It’s completely shifted the way we communicate with our friends and loved ones. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it made it possible for us to remain productive at work – even while many of us were sequestered away in our homes indefinitely.

But believe it or not, it’s still a luxury that not all of us can enjoy. According to one recent study, approximately 25% of all rural homes currently don’t have Internet access at all. This is due to a wide range of different factors, with geographic restrictions being chief among them. In some areas, getting high-speed Internet access to consumers via a traditional cabling system simply is not possible. 

How Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet Will Bring the Internet to More Than 60 million Rural Homes

That’s exactly what Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet aim to change. This innovative, community-centric company believes that it has a new way to level of the playing field in terms of technology, bringing lightning-fast Internet to parts of the country that haven’t been able to enjoy such a thing up until now.

Nomad Internet: The Story So Far

Nomad Internet is the United States’ largest WISP, and it is singularly focused on bringing rural communities the resources they need to stay in line with the modern digital area. Again, there are areas of this country like Maine, the Great Plains, and even tribal nations that don’t have Internet access at all. It has been estimated that up to 30% of the country are cut off in a way that many of us take for granted.

Until now.

Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet have developed an innovative way to bring the benefits of 4G and 5G networks together. Doing so will provide users with Internet connections that they can use to stream videos online, make video calls (perfect for the new teleconferencing age that we’re now a part of), game with their friends, our just surf the Web in the comfort of their own homes.

At the heart of this all is the company’s high power, directional antennas. They offer high-speed, low latency connections to areas where this simply wasn’t possible in the past.

Especially given everything going on in the world right now, this lack of connectivity has become a serious issue for roughly 60 million people. When most of us felt isolated during the pandemic, they truly were. They couldn’t use services like Zoom to connect with their friends and loved ones. They couldn’t work from home because they lacked the Internet capability to do so. They couldn’t focus on education, healthcare, and more. These needs weren’t being met, but thankfully Jaden Garza and the team at Nomad Internet have provided the answer.

Indeed, a lot of the success of the company up to this point can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic itself. It was during those early months of 2020 that a lot of workers who were forced to stay at home realized that a reliable Internet connection was no longer a recommendation, but a requirement. Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet had spent time servicing RV parks and nomadic RV households, so this seemed like an opportunity well worth taking advantage of.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation, Nomad Internet grew quickly. By July 2020, the company had roughly 5,000 customers. Flash forward just a few short months to October and that number grew to 10,000. By July 2021, it had grown again to 20,000 – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Much of this can be attributed to Nomad Internet and Jaden Garza’s deeply rooted dedication to its customers. The company itself originally launched in July 2017 and a month later was servicing an RV park in Texas. Jaden Garza had the idea to develop a new solution designed specifically for these customers based on LTE technology. After the park realized just what a success the project was, word-of-mouth began to spread. Soon, more parks in the area wanted in on the action.

Then, in 2018, something incredible happened. Jaden Garza received a phone call from officials at the Girl Scouts of America at San Jacinto. This partnership was a huge success for Nomad Internet and for the Garzas, it was also confirmation that they had built up an exceptional reputation in their industry. The fact that Nomad Internet was not the first company that the Girl Scouts of America contacted was only icing on the cake. After receiving a variety of estimates that were deemed “outrages,” they turned to the Garzas for help. Nomad Internet was more than happy to deliver. 

Jaden Garza is a graduate of the stemmed Harvard University Executive Training program. He and his wife, Jessica Garza, are at the forefront of the Nomad Internet revolution. Jessica is very hands-on with the enterprise, having co-founded Nomad. She even spent time in the early parts of their careers installing systems in RV communities with her own two hands.

But what started as a modest small business certainly didn’t stay that way. After early initial success, they leveraged Jessica’s expertise and Jaden’s networking skills to raise enough venture capital to take their company to heights they would never even have dreamed of a few years ago.

Nomad Internet is a fast-growing organization based in Texas that has consistently proven its ability to evolve in a way that gives customers the premium connectivity solutions to meet their needs and exceed their expectations each time they’re given the opportunity to do so. The latest such victory for the company comes by way of the Inseego Wavemaker Pro 5G indoor router. What may seem like a simple piece of technology is one of the most sophisticated solutions of its kind on the market, bringing faster, more reliable, and more robust Internet services to users everywhere.

Not only that, but Nomad Internet has recently taken things to the next level. They’ve made several dramatic improvements to their own platform that have changed the way their services are delivered t countless Americans. All this, coupled with advancements like their real-time activation page, have created a service that isn’t just reliable – it’s also transparent in a way that a lot of the bigger providers are not.

From the beginning of his career until now, Jaden Garza has always believed in putting the customer first and foremost. Without his customers, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve even a fraction of what he has up to this point. That’s a mentality that has served him well in the past, and it’s an ideal that he will never stop working to live up to.

As Nomad Internet continues to expand, Jaden Garza has also proven that he is not an entrepreneur willing to rest on his laurels. Even though Nomad Internet is undoubtedly successful, his plan is to continue to evolve so that he and his team can service even the most remote parts of the United States.

All of us deserve access to high-speed Internet access. It’s what brings us all together in a way that was never possible in the past. It’s what helps our children learn and have their own successes. It’s what allows for better healthcare outcomes and what assists us as we advance our careers. Jaden Garza and Nomad Internet will not stop working until all of us have equal access to these once-in-a-lifetime resources – precisely the way it should be.

Those interested in finding out more information are encouraged to contact the team at 855-466-6623. More information about Nomad Internet can also be obtained by visiting the company’s official website at