How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

Part 1: Introduce mobile learning

1. Mobile learning trend in modern education:

Mobile learning trends have become an important part of teaching and learning. Mobile devices such as smartphones, e-readers, PDAs, and tablet PCs are widely used in the education and business sectors. Mobile applications are used for training sessions, virtual classroom programs, self-paced study courses, or collaborative learning environments to enable students to access content on the move.

A detailed research study conducted by Forrester Research Inc. depicts that mobile devices will be used for work-related activities more than personal activities. Mobile learning solutions are being adopted by the Business and Education sectors for employee training, market research, resource planning, and customer relationship management.

How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

Mobile learning helps businesses to reduce their operational costs through the increased use of mobile devices. Mobile Learning also reduces businesses ‘ dependency on traditional classroom space due to virtualized education which can be delivered anywhere, anytime in an interactive mode.

Mobile Learning has become a key part of the corporate strategy of most companies across all industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retailing, transportation, etc. Mobile Learning has moved from just pilot programs to strategic initiatives that drive business performance improvement and provide a competitive advantage.

Mobile device technology is creating more options for delivering high-quality distance learning on any digital mobile platform via Wireless Technology such as Mobile Internet access (Wi-Fi), Mobile telecommunication network (2G,3G,4G), and Mobile satellite.

2. What is mobile learning?

How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

A mobile device such as a smartphone or PDA, or tablet PC can access web resources anywhere at any time and deliver educational content through Internet Mobile apps. That makes it very easy for users to access information on mobile devices via wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, 3G network, etc.

Mobile learning is an emerging trend in education, business, and other training programs. Mobile learning is to provide information to learners via handheld computer Mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, laptops, PC through Mobile apps.

Mobile learning provides various solutions for employees within the enterprise, from managing schedules, document management, accessing company resources such as customer and financial data, and collaborating with team members to communicate and complete work tasks effectively anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Learning applications have become a key part of corporate strategy due to less operational cost, the ability to access information at any place anytime, and a globally connected workforce.

 Mobile Learning offers several benefits:

 ·        Flexibility;

 ·        Time savings;

 ·        Better retention of course materials;

·        Reach learners who otherwise may not be able – or inclined – to attend

        classes in person

 ·        Less operational cost;

 ·        The ability to access information at any place anytime and

 ·        Globally connected workforce.

Mobile learning is now becoming the new paradigm for education. Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PC have made it possible to connect people from different cultures, educational levels, and social, economic backgrounds on a single platform at any time, anywhere in an uninterrupted way. Mobile Learners can access their modules 24/7 via mobile phone.

Mobile learning is not simply about delivering educational content on mobile phones or handheld computers. Mobile devices but also encompasses management and storage tools such as visual reminder, automatic data sync, etc.

 Part 2: How PDFelement support mobile learning?

 1.    Flexibility:

Mobile learning needs flexibility to be efficient. Mobile learners can read, annotate PDF files whenever they are available using PDFelement.

For distance learning and Mobile Learning, PDFelement Mobile is the best and most convenient tool. All because PDFelement Mobile is a PDF reader for Android products which enables students to read, edit and annotate PDF files wherever they are. The convenience of using one software across platforms allows users to sync their information on mobile devices with cloud storage such as Google Drive or OneDrive (Office 365). Mobile users can also use apps for iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Windows phone to view PDF documents anywhere at any time.

How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

PDFelement realizes paper-less learning by providing a Mobile Learning App for Mobile Devices, Mobile Web App, and Mobile Cloud App. Mobile users can sync the data and PDF files across different platforms, including Mobile Device, Mobile Web App, or Mobile Cloud App, every time they use it to read pdf documents.

In addition, Mobile learners can access the cloud storage service provided by Google Docs, OneDrive for Business (Office 365), Syncplicity, etc., to synchronize their data with PDFelement Mobile on mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and Windows phone.

Students are often asked to read a textbook and answer questions at the end of each chapter in order to prepare for tests. Mobile learners can take advantage of the PDFelement Mobile application to read their textbooks on the go. They do not need to carry papers around anymore; they can simply fill in the answers electronically and submit them to teachers using Mobile Cloud Application.

 2.  Multi-device support

PDFelement supports various mobile devices such as Android tablets, iPad Air, or even iPhones. Mobile users expect PDF files to be displayed well on different platforms. PDFelement provides intuitive conversion between formats, so you can download PDFs from websites like Dropbox and import them into your device or share them via e-mail anytime.

 PDF documents synchronization: Mobile devices offer an offline reading experience, which makes them more suitable for studying than tablets or computers. Pdfelement can help you easily sync the latest revision of documents across all your devices. As long as the software is installed on each device, users can view their documents from any device and never worry about missing a revision again. Mobile learning requires students to work independently and usually have no access to WIFI connections. If you don’t download files in advance, there’s always a chance that you may lose important content when your network is out of reach. Pdfelement offers mobile document backup options that are free for up to 10 devices and allow ad hoc file restoration at any time you need it.

Mobile editing: Pdfelement allows you to use your mobile device to draw handwritten notes on a pdf document, highlight or underline text or add sticky notes using the advanced inking technology of Mobile PDF. Mobile learning is all about creativity, so students can write comments anywhere they want through digital handwriting (like e-mail) and then convert them into readable text easily.

How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

Free conversion between formats: Mobile devices offer convenient reading experiences that are even better when combined with cloud services like Dropbox. Users can download files from their Dropbox accounts and edit them directly on their mobile devices via PDFelement. PDDFelement is about freedom, so users can learn and study wherever and whenever they want, no matter which device or platform they use.

Unique Mobile features: PDFelement offers unique Mobile Editing functions capable of converting handwritten notes into editable text. Mobile learning doesn’t always require complicated tools, but it should be simple to learn and work effectively on any device without even a glance at the manual. PDFelement is designed with mobile interfaces in mind as even first-time users can complete basic tasks (such as uploading & downloading files) within minutes.

Text annotation directly on PDF document: PDFelements provide the functionality of drawing handwritten notes on PDF files. PDFelement makes it possible to write comments on PDF files directly without having to convert the file into editable text. Mobile devices offer convenient reading experiences that are even better when combined with cloud services like Dropbox and PDFelement makes it easy to import files from your Dropbox account & annotate them offline at any time. Mobile Learning should be simple but powerful, so students can learn and study wherever they want, no matter which device or platform they use.

PDFelement connects Windows, mobile, Mac, and the cloud to connect devices for students and educators to synchronize learning documents

3. Digital management of documents: 

The online signature function of PDFelement allows users to digitally sign any PDF file from anywhere in the world, even without having to print them out. Mobile learning is all about freedom, and PDFelement makes it possible to sign documents remotely or easily access them for further revision.

Mobile users can access PDF files and update them with PDFelement Mobile on the go. Mobile learners can read, add annotations, fill forms, sign documents wherever they are. They can also take advantage of cloud software such as Google Drive and Syncplicity to sync the updates made to documents.

The PDF editing function of PDFelement enables students to realize online learning anytime, anywhere. Mobile users can edit PDF files by using Mobile Web App and Mobile Cloud App to create, read, annotate PDF files anywhere at any time. Mobile learners can use a Mobile device or Mobile Web app that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems to view PDF documents with PDFelement.

How PDFelement support Mobile Learning Trend in 2021?

Pdfelement provides you with Mobile OCR tools that make Mobile Learning convenient. Mobile OCR tools are capable of recognizing handwritten images and converting them into editable text, allowing for Mobile Learning opportunities that are not possible with smartphones before.


Learning is expected to be the next big trend on Mobile devices. Mobile Learning is not simply reading documents but making content in the document come alive with easy editing functions such as PDF annotation, handwriting recognition, digital signature, etc. PDFelement provides you with all these functionalities under one roof.

PDFelement is supporting Mobile Learning in fields from education to business by connecting Windows/Mac/Mobile platform & cloud service together. The PDF of the Mobile future is coming; mobile learners will be able to edit PDF documents wherever they are as Mobile Learning becomes more convenient and productive with PDFelement.