How risky is it to download pirated games/movies?

The young generation is crazy about playing the latest games. They never think twice to upgrade the PC hardware or video games console so that they can play the top games. But when it comes to purchasing the games, they become a little bit reluctant. Since the games become available in pirated sites, many users download and start playing these games. Though it might save a certain amount of money as you don’t have to pay to the video game publisher but the risk is very high. Downloading games from the pirated site is not the only thing that youngsters do. They also download movies. Some of you might be thinking that there is nothing wrong with pirated games and movies but after reading this article, you will realize how risky it can be.

Infect your PC

If you download movies or games from the anonymous website, chances of getting your PC infected is very high. You never know how bad it can be. The privacy is usually done by the hackers so that they can plant a bug in your personal computer or PC. On the contrary, if you purchase games from reliable sources you don’t have to deal with such issues. You will get regular updates from the video game publisher and this will allow you to keep your information safe.

How risky is it to download pirated games/movies?

When it comes to movies the same things also apply. You never know how the hackers can plan malware or spyware to your personal computer. You might get the movie in the correct format but as soon as you play it, the hacker program will be installed silently and your computer security will be compromised. So, think twice before you download such movies. And learn more to reinforce your smart device security to prevent such attack.

Endangers your data

We have already told how the pirated games and movies can infect your PC. The normal users might think you don’t have any sophisticated information on the PC so there is nothing to worry about. But the hackers are getting smart and they are using social engineering techniques to find the new victim. You might get attacked by the hackers even after avoiding such sites. Only a good antivirus program like Bitdefender can prevent an attack from hackers. And when you start downloading movies and video games from the unreliable sources, you are creating a path for hackers to attack you. So, it depends on your action whether you will securely browse the internet or let the hackers harm you.

Legal issues

The video game companies and the movie produces are spending millions of dollars just create perfect entertainment products. They intend to do business legally. So, if you use the pirated movies and the video games, you are breaking the moral bindings. You are harming society in a great way. If the video game publishers or the movie producer wants to hunt you down, they can easily do so. You might be thinking that they will hunt down the site but along with the pirated website, you will be in great legal trouble. So, if you want to stay on the safe side, it is always better not to use pirated movies and video games.

The game might be faulty

Let’s say you have downloaded a video game from the pirated sites. The size of the video game is near about 40GB and you installed the game after 10 hours of hard work. After doing all the things, you noticed the video game is not working. So, it’s very obvious you need to clean the garbage. Generally, the users spend more time installing extra files so that they can play games. But eventually, they end up placing more malware and spyware on their personal computer. Just to play one video games you put all the data at great risk. Some of the viruses can overload your CPU drive and cause major crashes in the operating system.

Quality of the movie is not that great

There is no reason to download movies from the pirated sites. Though you will get some great quality movies it will old movies. If you look for the latest movies, you are most likely to get the hall print. And if you watch the movies in hall print, you will miss most of the details. So, always watch movies in high-quality print.