How Snapchat Is Revealing Birth Information Of Its Users?

Recently, Snapchat has freaked out many of its users by telling them exactly when, where and at what time they took birth. Many users could not understand which feature of the app allowed it to correctly guess all the details. However, this experience has been demystified and we now know how Snapchat discovers that accurate information.

You Provide Substantial Information To Snapchat On Your Own

When you first register yourself on Snapchat, you provide the app with the information with your birth date. This fact answers the fact how Snapchat knows the date, month and year that you were born on.  

How Snapchat Is Revealing Birth Information Of Its Users?

Astrological Profile Is The Answer

The Astrological profile of Snapchat which is used to check the Horoscope is the answer behind the accurate information of Snapchat that has shocked its users. When the Astrological Profile of Snapchat is used to check the horoscope, the user needs to provide the exact birth date, place and even time for the accurate chart reading. These details which are shared by the user are then stored by Snapchat as “My Astrological Birthday” and the information that the users are getting is out of this. Hence, Snapchat does not magically predict the exact date of birth, time and year but this information is shared by the users themselves.

The Astrological Profile Information Is Safe With Snapchat

One might wonder whether Snapchat has shared this personal information with any other third party and worry about it. There is nothing to worry about because Snapchat itself has said that personally identifiable information and the privacy related to it is taken extremely seriously by Snapchat and it does not share this information with other third-party. The above information will only be shared if you want Snapchat to share this with other people. However, if you are still bothered about these details that you have already shared with Snapchat, you always have the option to delete the information from Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat Astrology?

Snapchat Astrology is a feature introduced by Snapchat last year in November. Snapchat Astrology goes beyond sharing a normal horoscope of its user. For instance, the information provided by Snapchat Astrology can be used to check the astrological compatibility with other friends. For doing the same, the user needs to check the friendship profiles. The parameters chosen to check the compatibility includes attraction, intensity, tension, support and harmony.

What has made this feature extremely reliable is that one only needs an entry-level of information to astrology. Instead of using the tough astrological language, Snapchat breaks down the entire analysis in words that can be understood by its users. For instance, it will not only tell you about the planet that influences your life but also break it down for you. Simply saying, a user won’t end up getting confused while checking their astrological charts on Snapchat.

How To Use Snapchat Astrology?

For using Snapchat astrology, follow these steps:

  1. Open snap chat and tap on the profile icon.
  2. Tap on the zodiac symbol in purple colour which is placed under your name.
  3. Enter your time and place of birth and then tap on “Complete”.

Now to read out the astrological readout, tap on the zodiac symbol and start swiping to get the in-depth information. This feature of Snapchat features more than 700 unique cards to describe the accurate personalities of the people. The start chart analysis is made possible with the help of actual human astrologers who have worked with the product team.

The feature has become so popular and reliable that people have started using it for romantic analysis and life advice like whether one should invest in precious gems with the changing Gold Rate or where their career is leading to.  The Snapchat integration is rocking the compatibility tests amongst its users. For instance, if a user is flirting with another user on Snapchat and they are doubtful about the vibes between them, they can use the astrology feature to check the vibes and the quotient present between them without wasting too much time wondering about it. It is interesting to see how old-age knowledge of astrology which was once strong was discarded and then it is again brought back to the modern world by Snapchat which truly proves that everything in nature is truly cyclic.