How SPSS software has simplified completing homework and data analysis during covid period

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
How SPSS software has simplified completing homework and data analysis during covid period

SPSS is a software package of IBM that students can use to complete their statistics, data management, and data analysis homework. Most of the students cannot complete most of their homework manually since there are steps that are quite comprehensive and require in-depth knowledge, which most of the students have not fully conceptualized.

Therefore, lack of adequate skills and knowledge makes it tedious and time-consuming to complete a single homework or do a simple data analysis. By the time students are done completing their assignments, they are exhausted, and barely can they manage to do any practice to sharpen their skills. Regardless of these challenges, teachers advocate for students to do their statistics tasks manually. However, due to Covid -19, pandemic students are not able to attend school and therefore have to depend on SPSS software for guidance, and it has proven to be highly impactful to students.

How SPSS software has simplified completing homework and data analysis during covid period

The software has advanced performance capability and robust helpful features, which help students complete their data analysis and homework effectively without wasting time. Through SPSS application, students can easily understand large and complicated statistical tasks and data analysis problems. The findings are outlined in the form of statistical graphs, which students can easily interpret. The software also gives them an added advantage of using extensions, R programming, and python language code to intertwine with open-source software. Hence, students can complete their homework and analyze without limitations that would hinder them from getting accurate solutions and analysis. Therefore, SPSS software is a crucial learning software that enables students to apply techniques and identify approaches they would not have experienced through manual calculations and analysis.

However, if students attempted doing it manually, it would have taken them a lot of time and still end up with errors and missing data and cannot figure out where they went wrong. Additionally,

SPSS astounding capability offers students the opportunity to apply and practice their practical skills. The software package enables students to obtain statistics descriptive numbers ranging from simple to complicated analyses of multivariate matrices. And can analyze a pile of comprehensive data at once. It also has the provision for students to choose various ways in which they would prefer to plot their data, which can be either be in the form of histograms, graphs, scatterplots, among other several ways.

Moreover, its interface allows combining, separating, sorting files, restructuring existing variables, and developing new ones. Generally, the software is highly flexible and does not restrict it. Hence, students can do anything they have always anticipated to try with various sets of data. With this kind of provision that the software package presents, students can broaden and sharpen their knowledge and skills, which would not be possible through manual application techniques. Therefore, the spss statistics help in accuracy, reliability, and instant solution generation have proven to be significant in students learning and practicing to sharpen their statistical knowledge, data analysis skills, and decision-making.

Therefore, the fact that students cannot reach their teachers during the Covid period does not highly affect their homework-solving capability. Infact it has given them the privilege of having time to interact with the software. As a result, they have learnt new approaches and have advanced their skills and knowledge, which they would not have come across through manual statistical solving and analysis. Therefore, with this kind of significant outcomes that SPSS software presents, students have developed a positive attitude towards statistics because they can get reliable guidance and cannot be stuckwith one homework or statistical analysis for hours.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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