How Technology Has Changed How You Access Live Events

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
How Technology Has Changed How You Access Live Events

Before technology was as accessible as today, you needed to be present physically at the venue to access live events. While being there at the venue might offer a unique and memorable experience, everyone is looking for comfort and convenience these days. Seeing an artist performing live in person is always on top of any fan’s wish list. With advanced technology, you don’t need to visit the venue or communicate with other people to buy tickets to attend the event. Technology has contributed a lot to the current population, with convenience as one of the best benefits.

The live event industry is taking a strong stand in today’s world, especially in the US. It is gradually evolving. Various events contribute a huge amount to the nation. As per Meeting Professionals International, about $115 billion are contributed to the US GDP through events. In the current aspect, almost everyone relies on social media to access live events as they are much more convenient than any other form like newspapers and radios. The growth of technology has enabled a highly immersive experience with better interaction for both the events managers and organizers as well as the consumers.

How Technology Has Changed How You Access Live Events

Technology has impacted the world in many positive ways. When it comes to accessing live events, the level of convenience that comes from social media cannot be compared. Here are some of the ways in how technology has changed how you access live events. When it comes to accessing live events and concerts, one of the best advantages that technology offers is mobile ticketing. This new feature has made it relatively easy for anyone to buy and access tickets as it offers ticket buyers a hassle-free way of buying tickets.

In event industries, the best thing about the advancement of technology is seen in the enhanced systems of ticket buying. As technology becomes more prominent, there are fewer instances of buying traditional tickets at the venue. The venue-based ticketing system is getting replaced by online ticketing platforms. In contrast with the traditional ticketing system, an online ticket community offers a higher level of convenience to both the organizers and ticket buyers. Event organizers use technology for better engagement with the public to provide a convenient online experience. Ticket buyers resort to social media to find and grab the best deals on tickets online for a smooth and seamless experience.

With smartphone technology, almost everything can be done in the comfort of your mobile phone. There is no need to visit the venue for tickets or queries. With mobile ticketing, you can even buy tickets and store the digital tickets on your phone without the need for a physical paper ticket. Mobile tickets are what the name suggests. Your mobile becomes your ticket to access a live event. You just need to provide the phone that contains the ticket at the time of entrance. Even if you have queries, you can easily contact the venue’s officials online. This level of convenience is highly sought after by audiences of all ages, making mobile ticketing increasingly popular.

Another benefit that technology has endowed on the events industry is a more favorable event production and execution. Lighting, visuals, and sounds are what make a live event engaging and unique. With technology, stage management has become relatively easy, making planning and execution simple. With the rise in technology, more event production agencies have surfaced. So, these agencies can help you organize all types of events, including concerts, business meetings, and gala dinners, among others. You can achieve what you have in mind with the help of these trusted and professional agencies. With social media, it is easy to view and collect data to curate a tailored event to meet the preference of the client. As social media contains details and tastes of a person for the whole world to see, it can be easy to take those things into account to create a customized event for the ultimate satisfaction.

Virtual reality is another major contribution of technology to the events industry. Technology has made it possible for people to check out the venue’s seating chart virtually without leaving their homes. This gives them an idea of what they are in for when they buy tickets. Getting a picture of the seating chart allows people to analyse their surroundings and figure out if it would be a good fit to buy tickets to those seats. This way, they will have a satisfactory experience. You just need to stay in your room and witness what it would be like sitting in a seat in the venue. Even with event organizers, VR technology allows them to circulate their events around the world in a short time. People don’t even need to be physically present to attend an event when they can be there virtually. Although VR technology is one of the most expensive forms, the experience and convenience it offers are top-notch.

Technology has also enabled greater possibilities of live streaming. With the help of social media live streaming, people who are organizing the event have a better scope to reach out to a wider audience through apps like Instagram and Facebook. Live streaming is usually free of cost, so it attracts a huge fan base who couldn’t make it to the event in person, thus creating better engagement with the consumers. It also subsequently promotes your brand and brings awareness to a huge crowd of people.

According to Enterprise Event Marketing, technology plays a significant role in revenue generation and cost reduction. Technology can attract a wider audience because the widespread use of social media creates awareness about an upcoming event. The event attendance can increase by 20% with the help of technology. Another benefit of technology is that it minimizes costs relating to events by 30%. When it comes to mobile tickets, there are lesser expenses as the cost of printing, delivery, or travel is eliminated. All in all, technology has become an indispensable part of making any type of live event a success.

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