The internet has become a popular choice for a lot of things, and getting STD testing online is one of the benefits of using the internet. Recently, online STD booking has become quite popular among US residents. It is becoming a convenient alternative to visiting a local STD clinic. Booking STD tests online involves visiting an online website or app to order a test and book an appointment with the nearest STD clinic. There are also STD tests where you can test yourself at home by booking an at home STD test via your mobile phone. Results are available online and are usually sent to the recipient through email.

How The Internet Has Made STD Testing Safer And Easier To Access

According to the WHO, an estimate of one million STD cases are recorded each day. STDs are very common, yet many people fail to recognize that they have an STD. The lack of STD testing is one of the major contributors to the high rates of STDs in the US. The CDC states that the best way to protect your health is to get tested for STDs. STD testing is crucial for every sexually active individual as well as those who share needles. With more and more cases recorded each day in the US, there is a need to curb the rate of transmission by visiting an STD clinic for testing.

The main reason why people do not test for STDs is that they do not want their identity exposed when they go to a local STD clinic. This is where online STD testing comes in handy. While there are many advantages, the main benefit of online STD testing is that it offers discreet and confidential tests. Online STD booking is a convenient and efficient way to get tested for STDs. The majority of STD cases are reported in people between 13 to 64 years of age. So people between this age group are recommended to go for online STD testing.

People who practice gay sex or have multiple partners are at a higher risk of getting an STD. The LBGTQ+ community is the most vulnerable when it comes to STDs. They account for the majority of the cases in the US. But fortunately, online STD testing has become a decent platform for them to get tested without hassles. With online STD testing, it has become relatively easy and convenient to get a test. There is no need to drive around the city looking for a place to get tested. Everything can be done online on your phone or computer with the help of the internet.

How To Get STD Testing Online

Although several measures are taken to control and minimize the rate of STD transmission, the nation is still battling with more and more cases that are recorded each day. The best way to curb the spread of the infection is to get routine tests to know your status. Getting tested for STDs isn’t as problematic as it used to be. With the growing popularity and effectiveness of online STD testing, there is no need to worry about having your privacy leaked when you take an online STD test.

It is easy to get access to online STD tests. To get tested, the patient needs to provide a sample for testing. The sample can either be in the form of an oral, anal, or vaginal swab, urine sample, or blood sample. The samples are sent to a lab for testing, and result usually appear in a matter of days in a confidential mail or message.

The internet offers two types of online STD testing. The first type requires you to visit an online STD portal to find a suitable test and book an appointment with the nearest STD clinic online. You can visit the nearest lab anytime when you receive the requisition form to get tested. Results are usually sent to your email. The second type is where you order an at-home STD testing kit to test for potential STDs in the comfort of your home from a website. When it comes to accuracy, the first option may be more reliable. But both the results of each method are quite efficient in ruling out a possible STD infection.

Advantages of Online STD Testing

Getting tested online offers a huge range of benefits that encourage more people to get tested. The main advantage is that the internet offers private and discreet testing. So, if you wish to get tested anonymously, you can do so without anyone knowing you are taking the test. Ordering a test online often may offer free doctor’s consultation if the results return positive.

Online STD tests also offer options for single STD tests and complete panel tests. Besides, it is easy to access online STD tests compared to local lab visits. The whole online booking process also takes considerably lesser time in comparison with a visit to an STD clinic.

Another reason why online STD tests serve as a better alternative is that it has less stigma. There is no need to explain your sexual history to anyone when you take an online test. This way, there is no stigma involved. All in all, the internet has made it possible to access STD testing in a highly convenient and confidential manner.

A lot of people would avoid going to a local lab to get tested for STDs. After all, with the stigma that surrounds STDs, many people do not openly talk about STDs, let alone go for STD tests. This lack of testing is one of the reasons why STD cases continue to take an upward trend. Many unaware people transmit infections to others, and most cases go undetected. But with online STD booking, it has become quite easy to get access to STD tests in private. The first step in minimizing the spread of the infection starts with oneself. As responsible citizens, getting tested for STDs periodically is a big contribution towards reducing the rate of STDs in the nation.

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