BLUETTI is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, having released a wide variety of solar power stations for every need. Today, the company is proud to release two new additions to its new solar panel line, the PV120 and the PV200.


The PV120 and PV200 are spiritual successors to the highly successful and well-received solar panels SP120 and SP200. These two panel systems serve as the perfect compliment to BLUETTI’s brand new modular power stations AC300 and the AC200MAX.

How the PV200 and PV120 Serve as the Perfect Solar Panel Companion to Your Favorite Bluetti Energy Station

PV120 and PV200- What’s New Under the Hood?

BLUETTI is committed to giving the best of what their products have to offer, and this shows in all of its solar panel offerings. First, the company uses monocrystalline panels as it’s the most efficient in terms of absorbing solar energy. Both the SP and PV models boast an overall efficiency of up to 24%, which makes them arguably the best portable solar panels in the market today.

Also, monocrystalline has a higher durability and temperature sensitivity.

There are times when the sun isn’t at the best position for you to catch energy. Shade due to the clouds or any material obstruction can make the panel absorb less energy. BLUETTI has worked around the problem by changing the connection to parallel and thus increased performance by up to an amazing 50 percent in shaded conditions.

How the PV200 and PV120 Serve as the Perfect Solar Panel Companion to Your Favorite Bluetti Energy Station

Does the PV120 and PV200 Have Better Design?

The PV solar panel line is much improved compared to its SP cousins in terms of design, functionality and quality of life features.

The PV series sports a new snap fastener design instead of a rigid, in-place stand to give it more adjusting angle positions. This means you’ll be able to position your solar panels with more options and in order to get a better solar absorption.

In terms of dimension both the PV and SP series are the same. Bluetti has made the PV line heavier and more stable, with added waterproof coating to ensure it survives a heavy downfall and unexpected showers.

Where the SP has all its panels installed in a single canvas and stitched together, the PV features a waterproof design on all the solar panels. The handle is changed as well- the SP has a rubber handle while the PV model has a blue integrated handle made from ABS material.

When folded, the solar panels can easily be carried from one place to another thanks to the handle. The PV series’ waterproof design and unique stitching ensures all the panels are supported and there’s minimal risk of damage and bumps.

How the PV200 and PV120 Serve as the Perfect Solar Panel Companion to Your Favorite Bluetti Energy Station

The PV200 and PV120 Are Out Now

Those who already own Bluetti’s modular power station will want to check out the new solar panel products. Aside from bringing greater solar absorption efficiency you can achieve a true off-grid setup, which means no more relying on electricity from power companies.

The PV200 has two versions- a 120W and 200W capacity and has a price tag of $399 and $549, respectively. You can get a huge discount and score a complete power station solution bundle with 3 PV200 and an AC200P, and pay only $425 each for the solar panels.

This money-saving promotion is ending on September 30 at 7pm PDT, so make sure to go to and get yours today!

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