How This One Tech Startup Is Changing

Access to Plants

Today, we are faced with a world that is more connected than ever and sees every new innovation as an opportunity to create a new business model. The plant and garden sector is no exception. From corner stores to massive supermarkets, e-commerce startups and even restaurants, everyone seems to be pivoting their business model to accommodate the growing demand for convenience. However, it’s not enough to just sell these products online or stock your store with them. To keep up with consumer demand, many retailers have to also focus on educating consumers about how to care for their plants. There’s just one problem: who wants plants?

Fortunately, there’s a tech company that has also identified this gap in the market: Neverland. This plant tech startup is changing access to plants by using technology to grow a plant parent community and connect them with independent sellers of indoor and outdoor plants— making it easier for anyone to grow their own greens at home and learn how to care for them with ease.

How This One Tech Startup Is Changing

Why is there a need for better access to plants?

Before we dive into the details of Neverland’s solution, let’s first take a look at the problem that the startup’s technology is solving. The Horticulture industry has exploded since the start of the pandemic with nearly 30M or more new beginner gardeners entering the industry.

Beyond that, most consumers are busy and on the go not having the time to shop around multiple garden centers in person.

With the rise of e-commerce and technology, consumers have gotten used to the convenience of online shopping.While merchants have been able to gain customers through various offline channels, others are coming online for the first time in attempts to meet the demand. Beyond that, some are facing the challenge of having to upkeep with the educational needs and demands of these new plant parents.

Neverland is bridging this gap by providing plant care education and guidance to new plant parents while connecting them with independent, quality merchants who can deliver plants straight to their doorstep.

What is Neverland?

Neverland is a digital marketplace where you can find everything from herbs to flowers. The platform features a network of growers and suppliers of various indoor and outdoor plants. They use software to connect growers with buyers, providing access to quality plants, as well as services that help growers scale their businesses.

Neverland also offers access to 70,000+ plant care guides and information. Learn from experts and from others in the community by reading about what they have to say about growing certain plants. See what is popular to grow in your area and plant out your next outdoor or indoor plant oasis.

How does Neverland help increase access to plants?

Neverland’s solution is changing the way we connect with plants. By creating a digital marketplace that enables growers to sell their plants and seeds directly to consumers, the startup has made it easier for everyone to access local plants, no matter where they live. This is especially helpful for people who can’t grow plants themselves, such as people living in apartments, or those with limited gardening experience.

Furthermore, Neverland offers a community where plant parents can get access to plant education and guidance. They can also chat with a plant expert from Neverland if they’re running into any challenges caring for their plants. Their proprietary technology crowdsources care guidance from a community of plant parents across the USA. That way plant parents can grow with confidence in hearing from other plant parents and their care for specific plants.

Growers and consumers can create profiles, list their products, and connect through the platform. Neverland also helps growers scale their businesses by allowing them to sell their produce to other growers. This way, they can increase their sales while reducing their risks as they don’t have to manage a direct-to-consumer channel.

Future of technology and plants

As more people are becoming more aware of their health and diet, the demand for growing your own food and having access to nature is on the rise. With nearly 30m+ new plant parents that have entered into the horticulture industry, it’s more important now than ever to guide them to success so they continue growing for many years to come. With this cultural shift, new innovations in the horticulture space have created new business opportunities that are helping to bridge the supply gap, especially for smaller growers and beginner plant parents.


Neverland is doing more than disrupting the horticulture sector — it’s changing the way we connect with plants. With its technology, the startup is making it easier for everyone to access indoor and outdoor plants, no matter where they live. This means more people can have access to healthy and ethically sourced plants, and growers can stay in business. This is just one example of how tech startups are changing the plant industry. When it comes to the future of horticulture, there’s no doubt that tech-based businesses will play a big role.