Spotify has been around since 2006. It’s been about a couple of dozen years since they accumulate, store and stream songs of all genres. The platform is best known for its intelligent algorithm of recommendations. It easily builds well-balanced playlists where the most popular titles perfectly meet the works of aspiring artists in compliance to your daily choice.

How to Buy Spotify plays – finding the best site (2021)

Of course, every artist aims for more plays. The reason is not only all artists strive to become equally popular to the scene leaders and to overcome them one day but also royalties the platform pays each time users play the song.

On Spotify, the artists, labels, and projects from around the world are huge thousands. The number of plays, albums and singles generated to date are tremendous billions and only growing. So when freshmen decide to start a career and then take their first steps at promoting their songs on Spotify, they feel a crazy competition not everyone can deal with.

Two Best Sites Worth Buying From

It took us to enter and try about four dozen websites to figure out who is who in the sector of growth products for Spotify. While most review portals are showing up a long list of vendors you can buy Spotify plays from, we have cut to fit it to only two best sites to save you time.

Here we will not talk about privacy, safety, and protection advantages most sites advertise themselves with – these features seem the same through the whole list of Spotify Plays sellers we have found. Today’s two winners made it to call them the best websites worth buying plays from by showing superior performance and providing a great customer experience.


StreamDigic is a reputed pro-division seller which offers a complete list of boosts for Spotify and other big online platforms any artist can make use of. They are quite certain at bringing better visibility and popularity for music and artists by acting on various social media simultaneously.

We tried their sets of plays from different geo locations and it worked clockwork each time. Although nobody would call their jobs instant (it is simply impossible to complete on Spotify that fast), the delivery process never took too much time with them. Fuse their outstanding performance with professional customer support and here goes our #1 best site to buy Spotify plays from the list.


PlaysWiz is a sort of universal and flexible tool ready to help you promote your songs, name, or brand on Spotify. Their list of services may seem incomplete for a professional marketer but we’d rather say it’s cut to the chase. Moreover, they promise to provide any custom service your campaign requires. This made us believe they got something more beyond the products of their public offer.

We ran a few tests and found that their streaming algorithm provides more than 90 seconds for each playback. That is more than enough for Spotify to count and register every single stream they provide.

Just like the head of the win, PlaysWiz is the same simple – choose the number of plays and provide a link to the song to make them play it. The streaming algorithms will distribute plays throughout the day to maintain constant growth to look completely organic for the system. All orders are processed automatically.

They promise to provide customer support 24/7 by email and live chat. Well, each time we dropped a message to their support line, they took only a few minutes to answer.

More plays can rank your media higher on Spotify

These two great websites we spoke about can help you win more organic plays for your music. You can also find new listeners and turn them into followers.

We recommend using StreamDigic and PlaysWiz to buy Spotify plays on your fresh titles. Doing it at least once per week during the first month after uploading would give these tracks a better chance to score higher on charts and recommendations, to enter trending playlists to have a better chance for more users to play it.

Why you should buy Spotify plays

It is typical for any scene’s freshman to lack new listeners. No loyal crowd means no plays, no collabs, no gigs, and most likely no viable solution to changing it in the short term. It can be very frustrating if putting songs on many different popular platforms brings no new listeners. If it feels like that, it is time to take all possible actions. This is where buying Spotify plays can help you pass on this problem.

Now let’s say you need a quick boost of plays to make your songs look more popular, demanded, and heard to win a chance for a collaboration with some big name. Okay, there is no faster way you can grow your plays on Spotify than buying a package or two.

So what is the logic behind buying Spotify plays? Basically, the more popular your track looks and goes, the more listeners it can attract for all music you host on Spotify in general.

Actually, this concept brings similar results equally for every social media all artists love to settle on, such as SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. The more you work on it, the better it gets. Still paid boosts like buying plays are condemned in public discussions.

The secret is everyone’s doing that. Even the most famous names are known to buy plays to make the counter on their tracks go rolling more and more. Here we are talking not only about Spotify but every popular streaming platform.

The best thing about it is you don’t need to do anything special to buy a boost. Next, it is completely private so nobody will know it until you confess it to someone by yourself.

Firstly decide on the songs you’d like to grow plays on and then find a trusted website related to selling such improvements for Spotify as plays, followers, listeners, etc.

The process of buying plays doesn’t look complicated with any seller from Google’s feed but still, some nuances differ the best webshops from the rest. If you are new to the industry, filtering the list may turn into time-consuming tries and fails. That is why we took time to figure the names of the best vendors out there you can buy Spotify plays from.


We’d like to finish this story about the role of plays on Spotify with a question to our readers. Do you remember the times when the only way for artists to record a great song was to hole up in the studio and cover themselves with stacks of analog hardware?

It is crazy how complicated the recording process was. Moreover, If you decided to conquer the charts of the past, you would find there are not too many options to promote and distribute music. In hindsight, most of today’s popular rappers would most likely call the way things worked those days impossible to create.

Indeed, the opportunities modern computers, DAW software, and virtual synths give to enthusiasts around the world allow to create and finalize tunes right from home. The huge leap the consumer processors took in the most recent 30 years on one hand and the affordable prices on it on another changed the game drastically.

But in fact, it was the rise of social media and streaming services that had an ultimate impact on how the music world went on. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest players on the market nowadays is Spotify. It would be wise not to ignore the opportunities the platform and the websites like StreamDigic and PlaysWiz offer to the community.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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