Is your partner cheating on you? You can catch them in the act if you monitor their cell phones. Further, it gives you the evidence you need to confront them. After all, they won’t be able to deny your accusations if you have actual proof. 

Spy Apps Online for Free
How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

The most convenient, hassle-free way to monitor their phone is with a cell phone spy app. In this article, we offer 10 of the best cell phone spy apps in town. We picked them based on their stealth, reliability, and feature-set. 

Part 1: How to Catch a Cheater 

You catch a cheater red-handed if you monitor their phone or tablet. If they’re cheating on you with someone, they likely message that person or call them. You just need to read a compromising message or take a look at their call logs. 

The best way to do so – covertly and privately – is with a spy app. We recommend making Spyier your first option. 

1.1 Spyier: The best app to catch a cheater with 

Spyier is a well-known phone spy app, capable of monitoring Android and iOS devices. The app has appeared on top media channels such as the New York Times, TheVerge, and BuzzFeed. You can use your web browser to install and control the app. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

Your privacy is safe if you use Spyier. The app doesn’t store your personal data. Your data remains yours and can’t be accessed by anyone, including the staff. 

Here’s why we think Spyier is the best app to catch a potential cheater:  

a. Spyier gives you complete access to their phone or tablet 

With Spyier, you can see almost everything the potential cheater is doing on their phone or tablet. You’ll have ample opportunity to find proof on their cheating behavior: 

  • Check messages: You can read their personal text messages and iMessages. You’ll be able to find out if they’re messaging a secret lover. The app can retrieve even deleted messages and make them available to you. 
How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free
  • View their media files: Do they have incriminating pictures or videos saved on their device? You can view all the photos they have taken themselves, downloaded, or exchanged with someone. 
  • Access their call logs: You can take a look at their call logs and take a closer look at the contacts. Spyier tracks details like favorite callers, call durations, and time and date entries. 
  • See the web browser history: If they’re cheating on you, they may have signed up on a dating website. If that’s the case, you can go through their browser history using Spyier and find out the details. 
  • Track locations: Where do they go when they’re away from you? Spyier allows you to follow their movements on a 3D map. If they visit suspicious addresses and aren’t at work when they said they would be, then they could be cheating.  
How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free
  • View installed apps: If they have a dating app installed, you’ll know. You can also keep an eye on newly-installed apps. 
  • Find usernames and passwords: Spyier comes with a keylogger function that tracks every keystroke made on the user’s device. If they type usernames or passwords, the data will be sent to you.  

You get over 12 unique phone monitoring features with Spyier in total. 

b. The app requires no rooting or jailbreak 

Spyier doesn’t require rooting or jailbreak to work. You can monitor the potential cheater’s device without tinkering with their phone too much. It prevents them from finding out, and it also allows you to avoid causing data loss and malware infections. 

c. The cheater will never know you’re watching 

Spyier operates in total stealth mode on both Android and iOS. That means your partner won’t find out you’re spying on then, and you won’t have to deal with extra problems. How does the stealth feature work? 

For Android devices, Spyier is a small 2MB app. You install it on the cheater’s phone and hide it. Afterward, it runs invisibly in the background, without draining the phone’s battery. There’s no app icon on the phone either. All these factors make it 100% invisible. 

For iOS devices, Spyier is a fully web-based solution. You don’t need to download anything on the cheater’s phone. Instead, you monitor the phone from your web browser, after linking Spyier with their iCloud backup. It’s fully remote and undetectable. 

d. You can control it remotely 

You can use Spyier remotely from any PC or smartphone web browser. After you install the app, you receive frequent monitoring updates. You can access the app’s various features online. If you have to, you can even uninstall it remotely with a single click. 

e. It’s a reliable solution 

Spyier is a trustworthy solution. More importantly, it works effectively. The app is used by over a million people in 190+ countries. Users include parents, employers, and people in troubled relationships like you. 

1.2 How to catch a cheater on Android  

If your partner is using an Android phone or tablet, simply install the Spyier app on their phone. You will need brief physical access to their device. After the installation is done, you can monitor their activity remotely. It’s fast and easy. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

1.3 How to catch a cheater on iOS 

In case your partner is using an iPhone or iPad, you can monitor their iPhone or iPad from your web browser. You just need their iCloud credentials. Then you can use the Spyier online dashboard to monitor them. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

You can find Android and iOS installation instructions on the official website. You can also use the free Spyier live demo to get a feel for the app. 

Part 2: How to Find if Your Spouse Betrayed You 

Spyine is a top-rated spy app. If you think your spouse has betrayed you, you can confirm it with this app. It works on both Android and iOS target platforms. It’s easy to download, install, and use. Like Spyier, Spyine also supports stealth monitoring. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

Monitor their phone activity effectively with Spyine

  • The app tracks phone calls, messages, and social media. 
  • It offers live location tracking. 

Spyine is a dependable solution 

Spyine is a trustworthy, private-to-use solution. It has several powerful features and works via a web-based interface. It’s also stealthy, making it a very effective cheater catching tool. 

Part 3: How to Catch a Cheating Husband 

If your husband is spending too much time away from home, you can see what they get up to with Minspy. The app is easy-to-install and offers reliable, effective phone monitoring. It works with most modern phones and tablets. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

Minspy offers powerful features

  • Minpsy can track your husband’s messages, including social media. 
  • It gives you access to their media files. 

The app is user-friendly  

Minspy happens to be easy to configure and use. You can install it in minutes and then spy on your husband remotely. It’s also stealthy, making it a useful solution. 

Part 4: How to Catch a Cheating Wife 

Is your wife cheating on you? Spyic will help you find out. It’s a well-known parental control tool that also incidentally works as a cheater catching app. The company behind the app has a good reputation for cybersecurity.

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

Spyic offers competitive features 

  • Spyic has an excellent keylogger that can record usernames and passwords. 
  • The app can retrieve deleted messages and social media chats. 

It comes with several advantages 

Spyic is completely undetectable. The app also offers a powerful array of features. You’ll be able to find out everything your wife is doing with a simple phone bug. There’s a free live demo you can check out before you use the app. 

Part 5: How to Catch a Cheating Spouse 

Neatspy is a potent phone monitoring solution. The app has made waves online and has appeared in prominent publications worldwide. It does a solid job and is affordable to boot. It could make for a good spouse catching tool. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

Neatspy offers advanced features 

  • Neatpsy has a keylogger that can potentially log usernames and passwords. 
  • The app can monitor social media, installed apps, and locations. 

The app is undetectable 

Neatspy is an invisible spy app. You can monitor your spouse’s phone activities without them finding out, which makes it a priceless tool. They won’t be able to give you the slip if they don’t know you are there. 

Part 6: How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Secretly 

ClickFree is a powerful Android and iOS monitoring utility. It comes with an effective stealth tracker, allowing you to monitor your spouse secretly. The app offers a wealth of features and is very easy to install and use. 

How to Catch a Cheater: 10 Best Cell Phone Spy Apps Online for Free

You can spy on your spouse secretly with ClickFree 

  • ClickFree can’t be detected, self-updates, and can be uninstalled remotely. 
  • You can track messages, locations, and other phone activities remotely.  

The app is easy-to-use 

ClickFree is easy to install and use. You can set the app up using any PC or smartphone web browser. Once the app is up and running, you can control it remotely. It’s intuitive and requires no technical knowledge. 

Part 7: Catch a Cheating Spouse With SpyToMobile 

SpyToMobile is a popular Android phone monitoring solution. It’s mainly used by employers who want to track employees, but you can also potentially use it to catch a spouse. The app works well, but only on Android.

  • SpyToMobile can monitor live locations. 
  • It can track messages. 

SpyToMobile has some problems

The biggest drawback of the app is that it can’t monitor iPhones and iPads. The app also doesn’t come with advanced features like a keylogger and geofencing. Still, it’s an effective app and gets the job done. 

Part 8: Catch Them in The Act With the Auto Forward Cheating Spy App 

The Auto Forward spy app is a powerful, well-known spy solution. It works with both Android and iOS target devices. The app is made by a company called Powerline Group, which has a diverse array of lifestyle apps and services. 

  • Auto Forward offers advanced phone tracking features. 
  • The app can find and retrieve deleted messages. 

Auto Forward has limitations 

Auto Forward isn’t a spy app, so your spouse may potentially detect it. The app is also expensive to use at $69.99 for the monthly subscription.  

Part 9: Catch a Cheater With SpyBubble

SpyBubble is what you call a multi-platform spy app. Like other spy apps, it works on the Android platform. But in addition to these, the app also can monitor Windows and Mac laptops and PCs, which might be something you need. 

  • SpyBubble offers advanced phone monitoring features like WhatsApp monitoring. 
  • The app is easy to use. 

SpyBubble won’t work on iOS 

SpyBubble doesn’t work on target iPhones and iPads. Also, the app costs $24.95 for a monthly subscription, which is a significant amount. 

Part 10: Use Appmia to Catch a Cheater  

The last solution we have to catch a cheater with is called Appmia. The brand is well-known and has been featured online on several media channels. Over 250,000 people use the app at the moment. 

  • Appmia allows you to view your spouse’s phone activity remotely. 
  • The app tracks messages, social media, and locations. 

Appmia requires root or jailbreak 

While Appmia is an excellent tool, it only works with rooted and jailbroken devices. Rooting and jailbreak are complex processes that sometimes go wrong. If you’re not tech-savvy or don’t have hours to spare, you should look elsewhere. 


Any one of the apps here should give you the evidence you need to catch the cheater red-handed. We recommend the first few apps because they offer the best mix of features and affordability. Let us know in the comments below if you liked our suggestions! 

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