How to Choose a Laptop: A Guide for College Students


Every college student needs a laptop they can depend on. Even though colleges provide students with computers, you cannot always depend on those. You need a machine of your own, so you can work on your assignment from the dorm room.

How to Choose a Laptop: A Guide for College Students

Choose a durable laptop that can last for hours without having to be recharged. The whole idea behind a laptop is that it’s portable. Now, what is the use carrying around a laptop that goes off before you are done studying?

Your laptop should also be versatile enough to run demanding applications simultaneously. Ensure it doesn’t heat up when you have a lot you need to get done because this is a clear sign that it doesn’t have a dependable processor.

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Battery Life

An ideal laptop is one that can last for more than eight hours. As a student, you’ll need to access your documents in places that don’t have electricity. Even if there is a way to charge your laptop, there is no guarantee that you’ll always have the charger with you.

Before you spend money on a laptop, ensure that its battery life lasts eight hours or more. On those mornings when you’re in a hurry, you won’t get a nervous breakdown when you realize you left your charger behind.


The size of your laptops’ screen also matters a lot. This is not a mobile phone or tablet where you’ll be struggling to see what’s on display. The ideal screen size for college students is 12.5 to 14-inches. The resolution of the screen is also important because laptops with poor resolution can easily damage your eyes. A 1920 x 1080 screen ensures that you take care of your eyes.


The processor of your laptop determines how fast it can run. A good processor allows you to run demanding applications without it heating up simultaneously. Always go for a laptop with a Core i5 CPU and above. Anything below this is a waste of money because it’ll frustrate you from how slow it will be running.


Getting a laptop with ample storage saves you from investing in an external hard drive. As a student, school files and documents are not the only things you’ll need to save on your laptop. You also need a place to store your music collection and your favorite TV series.

With ample storage, you don’t have to delete files to make room for more. Go for a laptop with 8GB of RAM and always choose SSD storage over purchasing a hard drive. Hard drives get damaged quite easily, and you can easily lose a library of files just like that.


The laptop you choose determines how efficient you will be with your college work. Ensure you spend a little more and get a machine that’ll sustain you through college. Go for a laptop that can last eight hours or more without being recharged.

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