How To Choose The Right Operating System For Your Business Tablet

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Right Operating System For Your Business Tablet

Will you need a tablet for your business? It’s best to establish some factors, such as total budget, how you or your employees will use it and the devices’ operating system. Here’s how to choose the best OS according to familiarity, cost and app usage.


Right Operating System For Your Business Tablet

Android tablets are versatile in that manufacturers may put their own customized software and included apps on their products. For example, Samsung can put in their own OS with extra features; Amazon has the Fire OS that has an easy, intuitive interface and features such as Mayday, an app that gives you 24/7 tech support whenever you need it.


Windows tablets lean more towards office productivity and security, boasting the best out of the lot. Perhaps the biggest advantage in using a Windows-based tablet for business is that you can seamlessly work between desktops and apps from your smartphone. Transferring files, documents and business content can be done in a few seconds, which makes operations more efficient. Some may choose Windows since they rely on a particular Windows software.


The iOS environment is clean and it looks sleek and easy to use. There are dozens of business apps that owners can use for almost all aspects of their day-to-day operation. The closed-circuit system means security is greater compared to Android or Chrome tablets. iOS tablets, e.g., iPads won’t allow users to install apps outside the App Store. These tablets are popular with business users who work with creative content and those who are at the client-facing roles.


Chrome OS is quickly becoming a viable option for lightweight laptops. Instead of a tablet, businesses can choose Chromebooks for productivity apps within the Google environment, including Gmail, GDrive and others. It can serve well if you’re a manager in a shop or running a small business.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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