Imagine tapping a few buttons on your smartphone and having complete control of your home! Your doorbell, air conditioner, lights, and every appliance can now easily be accessible from anywhere.

How to Control Your AC Using Your iPhone for Ultimate Comfort & Energy Savings

With the introduction of modern technology and the incorporation of IoT, your iPhone can control anything. There are smart appliances or you can explore devices such as smart controllers, or smart switches that can make your appliances smart! While smart switches are great for simple devices, you need a smart controller for more powerful devices such as air conditioners to provide a range of features and easy accessibility.

One major aim of smart technology is energy-saving, it brings about immense comfort. Look at smart ACs – you can set schedules, location-based controls, track your usage history, or track your unit’s filter status all from your iPhone. The motto of any time, anywhere, now truly holds weight as far as air conditioning is concerned.

But how do you make an air conditioner smart? You can either go ahead and purchase a brand new shiny, expensive unit. Or you can opt for a smart AC controller such as the Cielo Breez Plus. With Cielo, you get much more than just Wi-Fi connectivity. Value-added features make the smart air conditioning experience rewarding and make it worth every penny spent!

Enter the World of Smart AC Controllers

Smart AC controllers make your AC smart and allow it to be controlled using your iPhone instead of a regular remote control. These are after-market devices that can connect with ductless air conditioners such as windows, mini-split, or portable ACs.

All an air conditioner needs to have is an IR remote control and you can set up a smart controller in around 2 minutes! You’d need to plug in the device and download a free app from the App Store. The smart AC controller then takes over the role of the remote control and offers numerous other features!

iOS Mobile Apps

The mobile app is the main tool through which you communicate with your smart controller, and then the AC. They are an ideal component for controlling your AC with your phone.  For Cielo Breez devices, the Cielo Home app is available for free on the iOS App Store. Once installed, the app gives different sign-in options to the user, which include Apple ID, Google ID, or Facebook. If the user wishes, they can make a separate account with Cielo Home as well.

Let’s go over some of the functions which a smart AC controller brings to the table:

Main Control Panel

How to Control Your AC Using Your iPhone for Ultimate Comfort & Energy Savings

The primary control hub for the Cielo Home app shows all the main control functions for the AC. Moreover, you can also have a status check of all the AC’s registered on your account, which can be spread throughout your home, vacation home, or any place in the world. By clicking on the particular AC, you want to operate, you can modify AC functions like swing, fan speed, temperature control, operating modes, main power on/off, and some miscellaneous features.

Comfy Mode for Intelligent Control

The mainstay of the app is the Comfy Mode, which works by setting intelligent triggers for temperature and humidity. These triggers then work to maintain the temperature and humidity of the room within a certain range, as specified by the user. Sensors within the smart controller constantly monitor the current room temperature and humidity and prevent them from falling out of range.

For instance, a user can set the comfy mode so that when the temperature reaches below 74 F, the AC will automatically turn off, and if it goes above 78 F, then the AC will turn on in cooling mode. Other adjustments such as the fan speed, AC modes, swing settings, and much more can be made as well. The same goes for humidity levels.

Energy Savings with Smart AC Control

How to Control Your AC Using Your iPhone for Ultimate Comfort & Energy Savings

It’s always important to stay up-to-date with the latest energy-saving tips. Year-round energy saving is extremely important to take a load off our utility bills and help lower our carbon footprint. Cielo smart controllers can provide up to 25% energy savings on your utility bills. This is through smart rationalized use of air conditioning.

The smart AC controller can sense when the temperature is too cold or too hot, and make adjustments so that no energy is needlessly wasted. Geofencing turns off the AC itself in case you forget to turn it off when leaving. Usage history lets you perform an energy audit of your AC use, and fine-tune it to reduce wastage.

Weekly AC Scheduling Using Your iPhone

Week-long schedules with the Cielo Home app help you relax without constantly worrying about the temperature. Set up schedules at the start of the week, and then watch how the AC works without you ever having to touch the controls. For example, when you wake up at 8 AM, the AC can be operating at fan mode. When you come back from work it can cool at 72 degrees and maintain this temperature until you sleep, where it will settle at 74 degrees again.


How to Control Your AC Using Your iPhone for Ultimate Comfort & Energy Savings

Smart Home Integration

Through the Cielo Home app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri shortcuts are now also able to be used to control your AC. The AC can then be controlled through voice commands and phrase commands.

Enjoy the Comfort!

Controlling your home appliances, and your AC through your iPhone is one of the new norms in life. You can achieve not only absolute comfort and convenience but also remarkable energy savings. Flexible operating modes and usage audit features give you the right tools to tailor your air conditioning according to your needs, all from your iPhone.

Get your Cielo Breez device now, download the app, and enjoy the convenience and savings on your air conditioning, and easily control your AC from anywhere with your iPhone!

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