How to convert PDFs to images on Mac

Introduction of Wondershare PDFelement

If you want to manage your PDFs across your desktop, mobile, and another web then you would love to use Wondershare PDFelement which is a fantastic application for converting your PDFs into an image on Mac. It is a very simple solution for this. It is a kind of desktop application that helps you in converting your PDF to JPEG quickly and easily. It can also help you in doing vice versa. With the help of this application, you can easily create different image formats by using a single PDF. The PDF converter is a reliable software that has an impressive conversion function that allows you to edit text and images in PDFs. You can even use it to manage your PDF pages by simply inserting, cropping, or extracting pages from them. This is in high demand from customers because it allows the user to add high-level protection to their documents. It could also help use password encryption for sensitive documents.

To export it into a highly advanced utility helps in managing large PDF workflows. The PDF editor has one of the latest features introduced into it which can export multiple PDF pages as a single image file. This has made the total process of sharing easier since you can capture all your important data and documents from different PDFs into a single image. This is also helpful in looking at many documents in a single view. You can easily access it from the mobile platforms. If you want to convert PDFs to images then you can easily do it by compression or by making the total file size smaller.  This article is mainly about how PDFelement helps convert PDFs to other formats. It also supports many formats like word, excel, PPT, and picture formats.

How to convert PDFs to images on Mac

Feature about converting PDF on mac

We all need to convert our PDF files into different formats so that they would be edited and you can send to different people. It has very powerful and comprehensive functions that allow you to convert, OCR, and electronic signature on it. It can also be helpful to add places when the PDF document cannot be opened by other means. Now the question arises about how to convert PDF by PDFelements for Mac so that it looks of the best quality.

How to convert PDFs to images on Mac

Step 1. Simply import the PDF files

Flip the open file button on the home screen. here you can convert PDF into a jpg converter program by using different batches of it.

Step 2. Convert a PDF to a jpg

You can now simply convert a PDF into a jpg file by going to export to and then to image and then selecting the relevant option. Now you can add the name to your jpg file and then click on the Save button.

How to export multiple PDF pages to a single image file?

The PDF editor app is an application of highly advanced utility because it can measure and manage large PDF workflows.  It has one of the latest features to be introduced which can export multiple PDF pages as a single image file. this makes it easier for the file to be shared and also all the important data would be stored from different PDF pages in a single image. It is a tool that is used widely for several purposes. The first of them is the excellent conversion quality by using powerful tools. It also facilitates the process and gives you many online tools to do so. You can protect your files with encryption by using this software.

The final words

In conclusion, the recommended way how to convert PDF to jpg is by using the wonder share PDF element. it is a beneficial tool to have a simple interface and can also allow you to access different online tools with a full-fledged desktop or Mobile device. You can easily buy it to convert all your PDFs into different file formats and can even convert them to a single image by using this software. What you have to do is simply open the PDF file by using a drag and drop option into it and then export all the pages to merge into a single image. You can also preview how the pages have been converted. This is a highly beneficial tool that is being used by users all around the world to convert their PDF By PDF Converter. It has the best ability to export multiple PDF pages as a single image file as well as it is a desktop application that allows you to Create PDFs from jpg or other images format as png, BMP, and more