How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

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How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

Wondershare PDFelement has developed itself as a brand providing PDF solutions of high potential. From Windows to Mac devices, you can find Wondershare PDFelement as a primary PDF editing platform for millions of users. With the increasing use of PDF files, the robustness of the editors is put into question.

Thus, PDF editors on smartphones have been a new but heavily accepted concept among users. PDFelement for iOS is one such product of this ideology that has gained quite a lot of attraction in the market. This article will also be marking this PDF editor app and providing you with a guide on its newly introduced OCR tool, which converts scanned files to editable PDFs, all on a smartphone.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS
How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

Part 1: Introducing Wondershare PDFelement for iOS – The Newly Released v3.0

As most users might know, Wondershare PDFelement has presented itself as a top-notch PDF editor for Windows and Mac. The platform has not stayed on desktop but has also presented a dedicated smartphone application providing exquisite PDF solutions. PDFelement for iOS has taken the world by storm and presented some innovation that has made it a highlight. Apart from these platforms, you can also find PDFelement on Android and the Cloud too, making it a multi-compatible platform.

PDFelement for iOS has recently released its v3.0 with some major updates. While you could perform basic edits, annotate, and convert documents previously, the new version has introduced the OCR tool as its major highlight. This PDF editor app now supports the option of text recognition, and converts scanned documents to editable PDFs on the smartphone. You are not bound to take this all up to the desktop editor and perform the same action of converting documents.

The OCR tool presented by Wondershare PDFelement provides some great insight into PDF editing applications on smartphones. This marks a new direction for PDF editing, developing new grounds for professionals and officials in the market.

Part 2: Learn How to Edit Scanned Documents on Your iPhone or iPad in Minutes!

With an overview of the PDFelement for iOS, it is time to figure out how you can edit a scanned PDF file on your iOS device with the new features in the market. Use this exceptional PDF editor app to find out the simple process of editing scanned files.

1. OCR PDF on iOS

To perform the PDF OCR function on your scanned document, you must follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1: Open PDF and Proceed to OCR Tool

Launch PDFelement and click on the “+” button to proceed with importing the document from your phone. For that, click the “Files” button to locate the scanned document on the iOS device. As you open the file, tap on the “Three Dots” on the top-right and select “Recognize.”

Step 2: Select the Right OCR Function

On the options that appear, you must select “OCR PDF” to perform the OCR function on the tool. Tap “Next” to proceed to the next screen to select the language of your document.

Step 3: Define Language and Execute

You must select the language from the list that appears and proceed to click the “Next” button. The OCR executes the process and presents you with an editable PDF as a result.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

2. Edit Text in PDF on iPhone and iPad

Once you have converted your document into an editable PDF, you can now edit the text within it with ease. For that, you must consider using the edit PDF functions in your iOS application.

Step 1: Access the Edit PDF Tab

As you have opened a PDF document on PDFelement, you must tap on the bottom options and select “Edit PDF” from the menu.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

Step 2: Add New Text to the PDF

On selecting this option, you can add new text to the PDF with the “Add Text” option. Select the button and tap anywhere to add text to your PDF document.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

Step 3: Edit Previous Text Sections

Along with that, you can also select the pre-written text on the PDF and make edits to it.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

Part 3: Merits and Demerits of OCR Function of PDFelement

Do you feel the need to have an evaluation of the OCR function and see how important it is for the update? Let’s discuss some pros and cons of having the PDF OCR tool in PDFelement for iOS:


  • The tool provides support to 18 different languages in detection.
  • You can easily create editable PDF documents directly with the help of this tool.
  • While the OCR tool converts scanned documents to editable PDFs, it detects the text, different symbols, images, and other elements within the document.


  • You will only require an internet connection for this purpose, without which you cannot perform any action.
  • There are some restrictions involved with using the OCR tool. You cannot use a document of more than 100 pages, the size of the document should be under 100MB, and the OCR tool does not process more than 10 documents at the same time.

Part 4: Other Prominent Functions of the v3.0 of PDFelement for iOS

While we have considered and highlighted the process of performing OCR and its significance, there are some more prominent updates in the update of PDFelement for iOS. The v3.0 brings out some more special updates that provide more intentional space to the user for managing PDFs:

Linking PDFs is now easier with PDFelement. This editor provides users with the option of inserting dedicated URLs and page links to connect PDFs and make documents interactive. Rather than shifting to the desktop, you can add links as hyperlinks on the PDF with the help of PDFelement for iOS. Use both options as found appropriate for your work.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

2. Included and Enhanced Signature Function

Signing PDFs was possible in PDFelement for iOS. It, however, was not that enhanced in functionality. PDFelement brought significant enhancements to the signature tool by including the options of capturing signatures from the camera or importing an image. While these signatures can be saved, it turns out to be a great way of keeping proxy signatures.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

3. Optimized Scanning

While creating PDFs, PDFelement provides a reliable option for scanning a document that can be converted into a PDF. This intuitive feature was exceptional; however, PDFelement brought more changes to its system with its optimization. Users are now able to automatically identify the scanning area with the tool and include different filters to manage the coloring of the document. The results have been observed to be more explicit with the tool after this update.

4. PDF Sharing with Document Cloud

Wondershare PDFelement is an inter-connected PDF platform that provides users with a variety of options. While working on iOS platforms, you can easily shift your data to the cloud service. Thanks to the connectivity offered by Document Cloud, you can put in your essential content and share it with other users by simply placing the files in the cloud. While this protects your data, it also makes it easier for you to share it.

How to Convert Scanned Files to Editable PDFs on iOS

5. Improvements in User Interface

The user interface of PDFelement now comes with many improvements. While it still provided the market with some great organizing systems, there was always room for more in the tool. Some major-grade-level changes in the recent update include document-level menu optimization. Along with that, you can also find the image and text editing options to be merged in a single menu, which makes the interface more approachable and concise.

Part 5: Verdict

This article has provided an in-depth overview of the new OCR feature provided by Wondershare PDFelement for iOS. While this tool brings such intuitive changes, some other significant updates in this PDF filler cannot be ignored. The new v3.0 changes the dynamics of the PDF editor apps and presents new dimensions to cover. PDFelement for iOS has just made it possible, making it one of the best apps available in the market.

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