How to create a fillable form on a Mac


From planning personal or business events to closing contracts, digital forms are crucial tools to connect people, gather data and optimize workflows. That said, here’s how can you create a fillable form on a Mac computer.

How to create a fillable form on a Mac

Create a form with an online form builder

Let’s start with the easiest possible way. Online form builders have become more and more refined and the use cases are endless because of the practicality of having a form filled out on any device and the submissions automatically stored or integrated with productivity tools that automate certain work processes.

The best online form builders are extremely versatile as well. For example, MightyForms is a form builder with tools and features designed to let you have complete freedom of your form’s look and functionality. The drag & drop editor is super flexible and there’s no need to write a single line of code.

Create a PDF form with Adobe Acrobat

One hurdle that a lot of people need to get over when creating digital forms is making sure they’re not editable. That is, whoever fills in the form shouldn’t be able to edit its content. This can be easily resolved with a fillable PDF form.

You can create a fillable PDF form with any word processing application (such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google Docs) and Adobe Acrobat. Simply write out the document however you like, leaving blank spaces where you want people to fill out themselves. Then, using Adobe Acrobat, add the fillable fields.

Create an online PDF filling form

Sharing a fillable PDF form can be quite a nuisance, especially if the recipient can’t open the file or can’t save it with the edits. To solve this, simple create an online PDF filling form from your PDF. Using MightyForms you can even make sure that the submissions are filled into the PDF and sent, filled out, to your email inbox.

Creating a digital form on a Mac can be a lot simpler than you think. And if you create it with a powerful online form builder you can even take advantage of beautiful templates and designs to make you stand out.


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