In the 21st century, the computer has become, in fact, a labor tool. Therefore, when equipping a computer workplace, certain rules should be followed in order to work comfortably and without harm to health. After carefully reading the current information about the health normative, we identified 3 main points of the right workplace at the computer.

How to create a perfect space for the PC or laptop?

Computer workplace: components

The basis of the basics is a table, a chair, and a computer. In such work, the back, neck, and eyesight suffer. Proper organization of the workplace will help not only minimize harm but also ensure the convenience of the work process itself. Let’s analyze it in detail.

Comfortable table: what is it?

According to current data, the computer table should be of the following dimensions:

  • Height – 68-80 cm
  • Depth – 80-100 cm
  • Width – 80-140 cm

And this is no accident!

Let’s deal with the first point: the standard table height is 75 cm. It suits everyone equally well. But here you need to take into account some women’s habits: sitting cross-legged and wearing heels. Therefore: men will be comfortable at any height, and women should choose tables higher.

Now the second point: the depth is at least 80 cm. The reason is in the monitors! They got bigger. The most popular models have a diagonal in the range of 20-24 inches. To install such, according to medical standards, should be at a distance of 60-75 cm, so as not to spoil the eyesight. When choosing a table, consider the size of the monitor, the larger it is, the further it should stand. To understand at what distance to install the monitor, multiply its diagonal by 3, this will be the safe distance in centimeters.

And the last point: the width of the countertop. On it you need to place all the accessories and devices necessary for work, according to the principle “everything is at hand”. Calculating the width is quite simple, the minimum comfort zone, from elbow to elbow, is 60 cm. But this is a minimum. In general, the working surface area depends on the number of additional tools. For example, on a tabletop of 80 cm, it will be possible to place a monitor, keyboard, mouse, a stack of documents, and a cup of coffee. Liberty furniture has a wide assortment of all table designs and types.

A comfortable chair is a necessity.

Let’s see what features of the chair you should consider:

  • Have a lift-and-turn design
  • Adjustable in height, backrest, and seat angle
  • Provide support for a rational posture when working

What does it give:

The height and seat depth adjustments of the chair are necessary so that you can sit at the table observing the “three right angles” rule, which we know about from school. (Experts advise adhering to the “three right angles” rule when knees, hips, and elbows are bent at 90º while sitting, and legs must touch the floor.)

The rocking mechanism will also come in handy. The ability to sway and change position will help relieve tension from stiff muscles and continue to work. When choosing a work chair, consider the length of your working day.

You should have in mind that prolonged sitting is an unnatural position for a person and is fraught with complications. Smart people add physical activity to their routine. But not everyone knows that there are special computer chairs, the design of which helps to reduce pain during a long working day.

These chairs are called ergonomic. They are designed according to all the rules of ergonomics, i.е. taking into account human physiology. Designed for those who spend more than 6 hours a day at the computer. They are easy to recognize by the back, which has a special ledge to support the lower back. The anatomical shape of the seat allows you to effortlessly maintain the correct position throughout the working day.

Adhere to simple rules that will help you create an ergonomic laptop workspace

1. Position your laptop so that you don’t have to bend your neck while working. Special mounts or stands help raise the laptop to a comfortable height. Also, you can use “improvised” materials for this, for example, books.

2. Connect a separate keyboard and position it so that your elbows and shoulders are relaxed and your wrists are in a natural position, without bending up or down.

3. Watch your posture during the working day. Arrange breaks at work: 2-3 minutes for every half hour of work at the computer; 15 minutes every 2 hours of computer work.

How to create a perfect space for the PC or laptop?

Sufficient lighting

When working at a computer, it is important to protect your eyes. Lack of light can cause irreparable harm to your vision.  Let’s highlight the main thing:

  • Natural light should fall predominantly from the left angle
  • Artificial light should be evenly distributed throughout the room
  • When working with documents, the workplace should be equipped with additional lamps

Lighting standards are also specified and are included in the set of labor protection measures. Illumination is measured in lux. The recommended parameters when working at a computer are 300 lux, and when you also need to read documents – 500 lux.

The computer workplace should be well lit. The lamp is best placed above the table. The light from the table lamp should fall on the documents. Use modern fixtures for optimal illumination.

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