How to create an App for iOS with no Coding

You have been using iOS apps for years, and probably considered creating an app yourself. The mobile technology is growing rapidly, and more than 80% of search engine and social network users come from mobile devices these days. There are so many apps available in the Apple App Store, but as an experienced iPhone user, you still have many ideas of apps which are in demand and still not developed. Some App Store categories are very competitive and even oversaturated, but some categories are almost empty and do not have any quality applications available.

For those who do not have any programming or information technology industry experience, it may seem that creating your own iPhone app is a complicated process. It is very true if you are developing from scratch and using that usual coding approach. However, it has been becoming popular in recent years building mobile apps with a kind of drag and drop visual iOS app creator software. This approach is suitable for anyone able to use a simple online software interface. As there are pre-constructed templates available, many small business owners do not ever hire the expensive iOS developers, because the entrepreneurs can now build the apps themselves by editing and customizing those templates.

How to create an app for iOS with no coding

If you are interested to learn how to create an app for iOS with no coding, start with the Create.App educational project. This great simple website is specially made for people with no coding experience, who want to develop their mobile apps for free. Things about publishing your app to the App Store, promoting your app, and optimizing it for the App Store are covered with a simple language, without any professional terms or jargon.

The website reviews some of the best iOS app creators and has a step by step tutorial on creating your first iOS app for free. It is important to mention that any iOS app creator software solutions are not designed to create mobile games; they are mostly for business-style functional apps. For those who want to create a gaming app, the Create.App website will advise on how to hire an efficient freelance iOS development team.