How to Deleted Files Permanently on Computer to Prevent Data Recovery?

If you don’t need some files, you will try to remove the files from your computer directly. However, if the files are sensitive, you may want to delete it permanently. How to permanently delete files from the computer? Normally, you can click Shift + Del to delete files directly without putting the files into recycle bin. It will show you the files will be deleted permanently.

How to Deleted Files Permanently on Computer to Prevent Data Recovery?

However, even it indicates the files will be deleted permanently, the data will not be wiped from the drive completely. It’s still be able to recover the deleted files with data recovery software. So how to deleted files permanently and avoid the possibility to recover the deleted files? This article will show you the software and solution to delete files permanently and prevent data recovery.

Best data erasure software for data deletion

Actually, there are some applications that can help you delete and erase files permanently. For instance, we will recommend a reliable data erasure software to help you do the job. AweEraser Data Erasureis the best file shredder that we suggest for you to delete files completely. It can prevent data recovery possibility after shredding and wiping files with the software.

The software erase data with professional and advanced data erasing algorithms. It can ensure the files to be completely deleted from your drive. It’s not able to recover the data with any data recovery software after wiping the files with this software.

Also, the application is very easy to use. The interface is very simple and you can operate the software to shred files or even erase drive easily. You can choose the drive or files/folders and proper data erasing settings to wipe directly. It can help you accomplish the data wiping with ease.

How to deleted files permanently with AweEraser?

There are 3 modes in the software that can help you delete and wipe data. It’s able to help you wipe data in difference cases. We will guide you to use the software with different modes.

Mode 1. Select files/folders to deleted and shred.

If you just want to deleted specified existing files/folders permanently, you can try the first mode “Erase Files”. You can locate and select the files that you want to deleted, and then please click the “Erase” button. Then it will deleted the selected files and ensure ti wipe them completely from your drive.

How to Deleted Files Permanently on Computer to Prevent Data Recovery?

Mode 2. Erase a drive to deleted all files completely.

If you want to deleted all the files on a drive, you can erase the entire drive directly. Please choose “Erase Hard Drive” mode and choose the correct drive that you want to erase. After clicking the “Erase” button, the software will erase all the data on the drive.

How to Deleted Files Permanently on Computer to Prevent Data Recovery?

Mode 3. Wipe the deleted data by erasing free disk space.

The mode “Erase Free Space” of the application is able to help you erase the deleted files. You can use it if you have deleted some files and want to wipe them completely then. It can wipe free space on drive to erase all the deleted/lost data.

How to Deleted Files Permanently on Computer to Prevent Data Recovery?

As a reliable and professional data erasure, AweEraser is able to wipe any data on HDD, SSD, memory card, USB flash drive, etc. It can be used to erase data if you want to remove sensitive/private data on your device. If you want to sell or give away your device, it’s necessary to wipe the data first to avoid data breach.

Please note that the data wiped by the software cannot be recovered in any way. So please be careful and it’s better to back up the needed data first to another drive. Then you can download and install the data erasure software on your computer to wipe the data from your device.

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