Is anyone watching what you do with your iPhone?

If spyware gets in your iPhone, it helps the hacker get access to your private information. The spyware monitors your online activities and sends your personal data to another party without your consent.

How to Detect Spyware on Your iPhone

But isn’t iOS known for its impressive features? Is it possible for any spyware to find its way into an iPhone? Spyware targeting iOS devices is rare, but it does exist. Of late, Google has warned iPhones users that they can get their phones hacked.

Worse still, somebody doesn’t have to be an expert to hack your iOS device. But how do you detect if your iPhone has spyware and which is the best anti spyware to use?

Apple makes it harder for you to detect and protect yourself from spyware

Unlike Android, Apple prevents other companies from providing security apps on the App Store. As such, it isn’t easy for you, as an iOS device user, to know if you’ve been hacked or not.

You may have to take your phone to a digital forensic firm for analyzing which might cost you a lot.

So, are there signs that you can look out for?

Signs of a spyware infection

Is your iPhone experiencing these signs? If yes, then it’s possible spyware has found its way into your smartphone.

  •  Overheating battery: if you are not using your iPhone a lot and the battery remains hot for an extended period, it could mean your device has spyware.
  • The battery draining quickly: probably you have not installed any new app or changed any setting on your iPhone, but still, your battery can’t last for long. If you are experiencing a significant reduction in your battery life, it could be a sign of spyware infection.
  • Un-accounted for data usage: is your smartphone experiencing an upsurge in data usage that you cannot explain? Spyware apps run on a 24/7 basis, and they are known for consuming a lot of data. If you notice an unexplainable surge, it may be a sign that spyware or any other malware is operating on your phone.
  • You get an app that you never installed: Can you see an app on your phone that you cannot remember installing? If yes, it can be a sign that spyware is operating on your smartphone. It is advisable to crosscheck unknown apps against your installed apps from App Store from time to time.
  • Background noise when on a call: are you experiencing background noises while on a call? Sometimes, the background noise may be due to a poor network connection. However, it can also be an indication that someone is recording your call.
  • Unusual SMS messages: if some code-type messages start appearing on your phone, it is time to get concerned. Spyware apps remotely access and control your iPhone through encrypted messages. It would be best to delete them without downloading any file or clicking on any link.
  •  Presence of Cydia app: Cydia app is a package manager that enables you to install software on a jailbroken iPhone. If you haven’t installed the app yourself and you see it, it can be a sign that your iOS device is compromised.

Note, spyware are good at avoiding detection, and it’s almost impossible to spot them. Thus, you cannot solely depend on these signs to determine if there is spyware or not.

How to detect spyware on your phone  

Do you know you may have installed spyware on your phone without even knowing?

Yes, spyware apps employ tactics that aim at catching their victims unaware. Mostly, they send you encrypted messages, known as phishing attempts, that require you to click a link that hosts spyware.

The attempt is to make you respond to the messages by inducing panic. For instance, they can use spoofed messages from an address they know you can trust.

It can take only a few minutes for you to install spyware on your phone unknowingly.

So, how do you detect if you have spyware operating on your iOS device?

It is quite tricky detecting spyware on your iPhone, especially because they are also developed to avoid detection. But that doesn’t mean they are entirely invisible.

The best way to detect spyware on your phone is to use a spy detection app. However, ensure the detection app is also a trusted one as it can be malware itself.

The best bet would be to download one from the App Store.

After downloading and installing the detection app, you can then run a scan on your iPhone to detect any spyware. The scan should take a few minutes to run and detect if there is any spyware.


Even with the advanced security features, iPhone devices are not entirely immune to spyware. A hacker or government agency can install spyware on your phone, monitor all your online activities, and send your personal identification data to other parties. To avoid this, you should get a trusted spy detection app. It will perform a fast scan on your phone and determine if there is any spyware. 

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