How to download FM WhatsApp APK on android?

We are living in a world of technology and information which has made the world a global village. In these times of connection, smart phones and their applications have a huge role in bringing people together. Whatsapp is one of the most important applications that have contributed to this task.

The developers of mobile applications are trying to create similar applications like WhatsApp because this is one of the best applications developed for connecting people. This article explores the basic information about FM WhatsApp apk download, its key features and how to download it on your android phone. Read the below given information to know more about FM WhatsApp and the pros and cons of downloading it.

What is FM WhatsApp APK?

As the name indicates, this application is also a WhatsApp but there has been some modification to it. This version of WhatsApp has many detailed features and modifications that make it more easy and fun to use. It has different customization options which enable you to customize the application according to your own wish. This application was developed to provide more features to the users, like if you are not happy with the green version of the application, you can change it.

The application requires 51 MB storage space and 4.1 or higher versions of android devices. This application is not available on google play store and must be downloaded from a third party site. These sites are normally very dangerous but you can use either trusted sites like or can install antivirus applications to save your device from viruses. This WhatsApp version allows you to hide your online status, last seen, delivered message options etc.

Features of FM WhatsApp APK

Privacy options

This application is very secure and let’s you keep your information private. You can also increase the privacy of your WhatsApp by hiding the last seen, closing the blue tick, and also double ticks. This will allow you to ignore unwanted messages you receive on WhatsApp. There is also the option of un-enabling the video calling feature, which is not present in the original version of the application. The presence of app lock also helps to secure your application. With this, no one can open the app and read your private messages. All these features make the application more secure and private than the original application.

Make changes according to your needs:

Yes! You read it right! You can make changes or customize the application according to your own needs and desires. There is a library of themes present in the application and you can also add some by yourself if you like. These can be changed whenever you like. This application also allows you to change the green theme of the application, which is present in the original version. You can customize the theme of your application and can also choose from the library. Adding to it, this application also allows you to change the themes and graphics and colors of the icons present in the application. All these features make this application a lot more interesting and fun to use.

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