How to download Instagram photos in your mobile and desktop


Today, Instagram is the top photo-sharing app on the Internet. It has more than 1 billion active users on its platform and more than 100 million photos are uploaded on their servers every day. Thousands of Instagram users are looking for ways to download Instagram photos and save them on their mobile or tablet. Instagram has not added any features that can be used to download Instagram photos. Although, there is a bookmark option, which can be used to save photos in the bookmark tab of your Instagram profile. And if you don’t want to use the bookmark feature, then you can use an Instagram photo downloader to save photos in your local storage.

How to download Instagram photos in your mobile and desktop

Instagram has introduced a new feature that can be used to download users’ photos by going to the setting of your Instagram tab. Facebook, its parent company has a similar feature to this. But there no option for downloading photos of other Instagram accounts.

Taking Screenshot

If you don’t want to download photos by downloading software or by going to the source code of the page, then taking a screenshot is the easiest way that you can use to save Instagram photos on your mobile and desktop both. But in this case, the resolution of the images will not be as better as of downloaded images. And once you take a screenshot, you will have to crop that image to make it look nice. The resolution of these images will be poor as compared to the downloaded once. If you will zoom them, you will come to know their original quality.

Using a Photo Downloader

If you don’t have the technical knowledge and you want to download an Instagram photo from the desktop. Then the best option for you is to use an Instagram photo downloader. It is like an online software that can be used to save Instagram photos on your desktop and mobile. You can use an Instagram photo downloader by Instaneek. Just get the URL of the photo that you want to download and paste its URL in the downloader. It will extract the photo link from the source code of the page and save it in your device. There are some photo downloading websites that will ask you to login with your Instagram credits. By using any such website or software you will put your privacy at risk.

Bookmark Photos

If you don’t want to save an image in the local storage of your device. Then there is an option on Instagram that lets you save bookmark your favorite photos. Bookmark option can be found below the photo or video that you want to bookmark. Once, you bookmark an image it will be saved in the bookmark section of your profile. To access your bookmarked images, you will always need an Internet connection. Images remain on the cloud servers of Instagram. So, accessing these images each time will cost you some data. So, it is better to download them and save your mobile data.

Before downloading an image of any Instagram account. Make sure that you take their permission to use it any your project or website.

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