How To Edit PDF Files On A Mac

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
How To Edit PDF Files On A Mac

Have you ever needed help with the task of editing a PDF file on your Mac? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with this because, despite being common, PDF files aren’t as easy to alter as Word documents or images.

In this insightful blog post, we’ll guide you through simple steps to help you swiftly edit any PDF file on your Mac – whether it involves changing text, adding comments, or moving pages around.

How To Edit PDF Files On A Mac

Read on and discover how to transform complicated into simple!

Does Mac Come with a Built-in PDF Editor?

Mac computers come equipped with a PDF reader called Preview. This built-in application handles more than just viewing your PDFs; it provides several annotation features to enhance your documents.

You can use Preview to perform tasks like adding shapes and highlighting text in the document. However, you may want advanced editing capabilities such as modifying text or rearranging pages directly within a PDF file. In that case, you’ll find that these options are unavailable within the built-in Mac features.

How to Edit Text and Images in a PDF on a Mac

You can use the built-in Preview app to edit text and images in a PDF on a Mac. With Preview, you can easily modify and update your PDF files’ content without additional software.

Simply open the PDF file in Preview, select the “Show Markup Toolbar” option, and choose from editing tools such as text insertion, highlighting, and image manipulation.

Editing Text Using Preview

You can swiftly edit a PDF document using the built-in Preview app on your Mac. This application offers the convenience of adding new text to your documents without needing any other software.

To implement this, select the “A” icon from your toolbar and click the desired location on your document to insert text.

For further customization, you can add annotation notes while editing a PDF in Preview. Change their color by conducting a Control-click and selecting the preferred hue for easy reference points or highlighting critical aspects within the file.

Say goodbye to static PDFs! Move these annotation notes freely across different locations by dragging them as per your requirements, adding flexibility during modifications.

Adding Annotations and Comments

To add annotations and comments to a PDF on your Mac, you must utilize specific tools within Preview or Adobe Acrobat.

Upon opening Preview, head over to the “Tools” menu to select “Annotate.” This gives you access to various annotation features, including adding text, shapes, and comments directly onto the document.

Likewise, in Adobe Acrobat, hit “Tools,” then navigate to “Annotate.” These modifications can greatly assist in collaborations, enabling effective document reviews and providing critical feedback.

Rearranging and Deleting Pages

To rearrange pages in a PDF, you can use one of several free online pdf editors. Simply upload your PDF file and drag and drop the pages into the desired order.

If you need to delete pages from a PDF, you can use the Preview app by selecting the pages thumbnail and clicking the delete option.

So go ahead and easily modify or adjust your PDF files according to your needs!

How to Edit PDF Files on a Mac Using Third-Party Apps

One option for editing PDF files on a Mac is to use third-party apps. Adobe Acrobat and other apps offer additional features not found in the built-in Preview app.

These apps allow you to easily edit text, add annotations, and make other changes to your PDF files. Discover more about these powerful tools by reading on!

Using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a powerful software that allows you to edit PDF files on your Mac device.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can do so much more than just view and make notes on PDFs. You can also create PDFs from scratch and annotate them with ease.

You only need to download the software onto your computer to get started with editing PDF files on your Mac using Adobe Acrobat.

Once installed, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers a range of handy editing tools that make it easy to modify text and images in your PDF documents.

Other Options

There are other third-party apps for Mac that allow users to edit PDF files easily. Most allow you to modify text, images, and links within your documents with just a few clicks. Most of them are user-friendly tools that allow you to customize your PDF files according to your needs without any hassle. Plus, many are free to download and install on your Mac!

Tips and Tricks for Efficient PDF Editing on a Mac

To efficiently edit PDF files on a Mac, a few tips and tricks can make the process smoother.

First, consider using an online editor for quick and easy edits. These editors often have user-friendly interfaces that allow you to make changes directly in your browser without downloading software.

Another useful tip is to utilize the “Export PDF to Word” feature. This allows you to convert your PDF file into a Word document, which can be easier to work with when making extensive edits or formatting changes.

Once you’ve made your edits in Word, you can easily save it as a PDF if needed.

When editing a PDF on a Mac, use the “Edit PDF” icon on many editing tools. Clicking this icon will put you into editing mode, where you can modify text, images, and other elements within the document.

Lastly, don’t forget about Preview on Mac – it’s not just for viewing files! Preview offers annotation features that let you add comments, notes, shapes, and even resize objects in your PDFs.

These annotations can help collaborate or provide feedback on documents.

By following these tips and utilizing the right tools available on your Mac computer, like Adobe Acrobat or the online editing tools mentioned above, efficient PDF editing becomes much easier!


In conclusion, editing PDF files on a Mac is easier than ever with several tools available on the market.

Whether you need to edit text, add annotations, or rearrange pages, these options provide efficient solutions for all your editing needs.

You can easily modify and customize your PDF documents on your Mac with a few simple steps. So unleash your creativity with easy PDF editing on your Mac!

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