How To Enhance Photo Quality On iPhone?

IPhone itself offers options of tools and alternatives to enhance picture quality. Various online websites and renowned image enhancer apps and tools can further enhance the visual appeal of your images. In this article, you will get to know about some of the amazing strategies to enhance images on an iPhone.

The use of an iPhone itself to enhance photos:

Shoot in HDR:

iPhones come with the high Dynamic Range (HDR) function that captures a couple of exposures of equal scenes and combines them to create a single image with better colour accuracy and element.

How To Enhance Photo Quality On iPhone?

To permit HDR, go to the camera app, click on “HDR” at the top middle of the display, and choose “Auto” or “On”. HDR works highly well in situations where there’s a wide evaluation between light and shadow.

Use the integrated modifying tools:

After taking a photo, open the pictures app and pick out the photograph you need to enhance. Click on “Edit” on the top right nook to several built-in editing and enhancing options. Right here are some gear you can use to enhance the picture:

●      Alter light and colouration:

Use the mild and colour tools to modify brightness, exposure, assessment, saturation, and more. Play around with those settings to discover the right balance in your photo with the image enhancer and editor options.

●      Crop and straighten:

If your photograph has undesirable elements or needs a better composition, use the Crop tool to get rid of them. Moreover, you could use the Straighten tool to adjust any tilted or crooked horizons.

●      Observe filters:

Test with extraordinary filters available inside the pictures app to offer your photograph a unique look. But, be careful and use filters accordingly, as an immoderate amount can degrade the quality of the picture.

The use of online websites including AiPassportPhotos to enhance images:

Add the image on the online tool:

If you are willing to enhance your image with an online image enhancer tool while using the iPhone, you will need to choose one of the most reliable and efficient tools. One of these renowned tools is AiPassportPhotos.

How To Enhance Photo Quality On iPhone?

For starting the transformation on this tool, click on the “Upload an Image” button and pick out the photograph you want to enhance out of your iPhone’s photo library. This online tool will ask for access to your pics if it’s your first time.

How To Enhance Photo Quality On iPhone?

Pick the sharpening tool:

Once your photograph is uploaded, AiPassportPhotos will detect your face and sharpen the image accordingly. You don’t need to press any button or adjust anything parameters. Their advanced AI algorithm will finish the job nicely and effectively.

Download the image:

If everything is okay, you may simply download the image to your device. If not, you could try to restart the whole process by reuploading the photo.

Downloading an app to enhance the photo:

For downloading an app on your iPhone for photo enhancement, follow the instructions given below:

  • In your iPhone’s home display, locate and click on the App Store icon to open it.
  • Inside the App Store, use the search bar at the bottom to look for a photo-enhancing app that offers the functions you desire. Popular alternatives encompass Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, and VSCO.
  • Try to look for an app that will be offering features that will be fulfilling your needs.
  • Once you have got located an appropriate app, click on the “Download” button to install it. After set up, locate the app’s icon on your own home screen and click on it to open.
  • Most image editing apps will let you import pics without delay from your iPhone’s picture library. Look for the import options, typically denoted via a “+” or “Import” button, and select the photograph you need to enhance.


Through using the features and tools to be had in iPhone’s images app, the usage of online websites like AiPassportPhotos, or downloading devoted image enhancer apps, you can extensively enhance the image quality for your iPhone. Test with different methods and discover the one that suits your requirements and necessities with the best possible quilty you expect.