How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Introduction to finding hidden apps

We would be teaching you how to find hidden apps on any phone of your choice without stress. Our aim is to arm everybody regardless of the device you use which is why it is important to click these links based on the device you use. If you are an iphone user, click on how to find hidden apps on iphone.

Our cell phones have advanced to the point where you don’t necessarily need to see every loaded program. Certain apps are deleted to clean up the home screen or the applications listing.

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Others are eliminated so that any nosy observer cannot learn about the hidden actions and data kept. It’s not a reason for concern, but what if your family members or coworkers are using them for improper purposes? There may be some installed but unlisted applications on your phone.

We’ll look at the motivations for detecting hidden applications on your phone before showing you how to do it. We’ll also clarify some of the applications you need to worry about.

Finally, in addition to the settings approach, we’ll demonstrate how Cocospy may assist you in locating the secret phone app. Have you prepared? Then continue reading.

Why Is It Important to Locate Hidden Apps on Your Phone?

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

You need a method to reveal hidden applications for several reasons. It may be your phone or a targeted phone, as in the circumstances of the children, coworkers, and spouses. If any of the following describes you, it’s important that you understand how information is disclosed.

There are further reasons you would wish to learn about any hidden programs. Before you begin snooping, however, be sure you are acting legally.

What You Need to Know About Android’s Hidden Apps

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

First, we have the tried-and-true way of tracking down secret software on an Android phone or tablet. You may switch to the menu view by going to Settings > Applications using the buttons. Next, go to the Task menu and see whether “Show hidden programs” is an option.

Cocospy’s Android surveillance solution is worth checking out if you’re concerned that the device’s settings won’t reveal all of its contents. It may track down any program on the device of interest. They were all of them, including the secret ones.

Cocospy is a monitoring program that allows you to spy on gadgets without physically accessing them. In addition to the hidden apps, it will reveal social media use, phone records, media files, and text messages.

Millions of users in more than 190 countries have already downloaded it, so there’s no reason not to trust it. It must be installed on the Android device serving as the test subject so that the results may be seen remotely later.

Here’s how to use it to access any applications the target is secretly running.

Guide to Cocospy: Uncovering Hidden Android Apps

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Once you get hold of the phone, it’s time to start looking for secret software. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Joining Cocospy is free of charge and may be done via their official website.
  • Click the Android logo to continue to the next step in selecting the Android version.
  • Once you’ve decided on a plan, a confirmation email, including an installation link, will be sent to the address you provided.
  • Follow the link to download and install the Cocospy app on the target device. For further installation details, please visit this link.
  • Before you finish the installation, choose stealth mode to conceal the presence of the monitoring software from the user you’re trying to keep in the dark.
  • When the setup is finished, you may start using the programs remotely. Sign back into your Cocospy account online (or any other device).
  • After your account is synced with your phone, you will see the dashboard on the left.
  • If you want to check out the secret social networking applications first, click “Social Applications.”
  • Then, on the left side of the window, click the word “Applications” to open a menu containing all the software you have installed.
  • A list of all apps, including those in the “Hidden” folder, is shown on the panel’s right side. Verify whether there is anything you need to include in the phone’s setup instructions.

Android Keylogger

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Cocospy’s Android version includes a keylogger that secretly logs every typed text on the monitored device. The keylogger will keep track of any passwords entered into programs that need them.

You may find the necessary keys in the system logs if you need to launch a secret password-protected software.

Why Choose Cocospy to Uncover Hidden Android Apps?

To begin, you’ll have to pay that one time to have access to everything. That implies everything is completely transparent. Furthermore, it requires less than 2MB of storage space on the mobile device of interest.

It can be set up in about 5 minutes.

Information syncing with your account does not eat into your battery life.

Silently, it will go about its business. They won’t even realize you’re on the lookout for secret software.

You may install the software without first needing to root your device so you can use the secret applications.

Cocospy’s removal is as simple as selecting the program’s entry in the program to uninstall menu.

If you’re using Android 4.0 or later, Cocospy will work well.

Locating Secretly Installed Apps on Your Boyfriend’s Phone

If your partner is more adept at concealing extramarital phone calls than you are, you have reason to be concerned. However, you can’t risk losing your relationship or keeping silent about how much it hurts within. That’s why the details above are essential for deducing his hidden strategies.

There are several applications that we described that seem different, but they are quite different. This is probably his cheating tool; therefore, it’s time to check out his phone.

You’ll need proof if you want to face him and set things right. So, if you can’t find anything using the “settings, hidden applications” route, why not use Cocospy?

Whatever mobile operating system he’s using makes no difference. The Applications section will fully function when you sign up and get your plan. To access the hidden texts, videos, and other things that weren’t shown on your phone, click on the ones that weren’t displayed.

Locating Concealed Images on an Android Device

Now that every Android phone has a front and rear camera, taking selfies has become the standard. One possible next step is to investigate whether or not the target has any hidden photographs.

The phone’s gallery of pictures conceals specific details. And that’s where Cocospy comes in; it’ll help you fill in the blanks. Remotely access the Android device’s dashboard and go to the ‘Photos’ page after downloading Cocospy.

Simply clicking it will take you to a page where you may see every hidden picture. They may be saved on your computer for reference or potential use in court.

Learn Where to Look for Secret iPhone Apps

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Users can hide apps on an iPhone. You may instantly hide all of your apps if you’re concerned about someone looking through your iPhone’s app library or want to keep your gaming habits a secret.

But what if you discover at the last minute that you need to use many apps you last used a while ago? You may need to find out whether your child’s iPhone has any hidden applications.

Try to remain calm! It is a joy for us to help you. This article will describe how to open hidden programs on an iPhone and where to hunt for information that could be stored there.

How Can I Find iPhone Hidden Apps?

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

1. Locate Hidden Apps iPhone search feature use

The search tool on an iPhone is the most accessible approach to looking for hidden applications. You may use it to look through all the installed applications on your iPhone. Here’s how to use iPhone search to identify secret applications.

  • On an unlocked iPhone, swipe down from the center of the Home screen.
  • Click the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the app’s name and choose “Go” or “Search” after clicking.
  • Suppose the app is installed on the iPhone, whether hidden or not. In that case, it will immediately appear in the search results under the application.

How to Use Siri to Locate Hidden Apps on an iPhone

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

If an app you know is installed on your iPhone does not appear in the search results, it may be hidden from view.

In such a case, you may ask Siri to open up the appropriate app. Suppose you’re having trouble finding a certain app on your iPhone. In that case, you may ask Siri for assistance using the methods described below.

  • Siri may be activated by either holding down the side button during the iPhone’s unlock process or by saying, “Hey, Siri.”
  • Invoke Siri with “Open + App name.”
  • Siri will search the iPhone and open the app even if it is not currently visible on the Home screen.

Explore the iPhone’s Hidden Apps

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

You may conceal applications from Home screen pages without removing them entirely by using the App Library, which lists all apps currently installed on your iPhone. Those previously removed applications may be retrieved with little effort and reinstated to the Home screen. Unlocking applications in the iPhone’s App Store works like this:

  • Swipe across the iPhone’s Home screen from right to left to access the App Library.
  • Click the search button in the menu bar and scroll down to find the app, or type its name into the box there.
  • After a pop-up option displays, choose “Add to Home Screen” to permanently move the app from the App Library to your home screen.

Learn how to access applications that are hiding in the hidden screens of your Home screen

A whole Home screen page may be hidden to conceal applications on the iPhone. These applications are still available via the App Library, Siri, and Search. In addition, you may access the missing programs by revealing their hiding places on the Home screen. To do this, please refer to the instructions below:

  • To make the icons on your Home screen dance, press and hold an empty space for a few seconds.
  • To toggle between seeing all Home screen pages and hiding certain of them, tap the strip of dots at the bottom of the display.
  • The concealed Home screen page and its contents will be revealed with a simple touch of the blank circle.

How to Uncover Secret iPhone Apps in the App Store

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

Hidden Purchases on the App Store are another option for discovering lost or obscure iPhone apps. If you have already exhausted the preceding avenues without success, consider giving this one a go.

  • Get the App Store up and running by unlocking your iPhone.
  • The profile symbol may be accessed by clicking the cog in the upper right of the App Store.
  • Next, choose your name and then tap “Hidden Purchases” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may now choose the desired app from the available options. Once you’ve located it, you may re-download it to your iPhone by selecting the appropriate option.

How to Explore Your iPhone’s App Folders and Discover Hidden Gems

How to Find Hidden Apps on a Phone like a geek in 2023

You may create a folder on an iPhone by dragging a group of applications into it. Apps may be organized into up to 12 pages in a folder, so you won’t find what you’re looking for until you go through every page.

  • Find the app folders on your iPhone after unlocking it. If an icon on the Home screen has other icons, it is an app folder.
  • You’ll need to explore the various program directories to find what you’re looking for.
  • See whether the bottom two dots are connected. A second screen of that folder with additional programs will show up if there are two dots.
  • To access other applications, swipe left to access the second screen. You may find what you’re searching for in the program folder.


It’s time to take action now that you know how to uncover covert programs on your phone or the target phone. These days, applications also include a web interface to which users can log in whenever they’re not using their mobile devices. Therefore, looking at the visited sites in the browser’s history is critical.

The ‘Browser History’ function in Cocospy is handy for monitoring online actions. The monitoring software is not only helpful for finding hidden programs but also for finding other forms of concealed data.