How to Find Old Friends without Last Name

Situations do occur whereby you meet someone and suddenly become close friends without even knowing their last name. Sometimes it even become quite embarrassing to ask them for their last name as it might appear as if you don’t care. It might happen that you even lose contact with that friend without knowing everything about them.

This article will act as a guide to someone who want to find old friends without last name online. A search in such a situation might need you to rely on the name for a search. Even though this might look like very little information to go on a search with, it is possible to conduct a search online.

How to Find Old Friends without Last Name

There surely must be other information you have on the old friend than the first name. This might be address, email phone number, education background, places of employment, organizations to name them. You can use this information to help with your search if you have them. For more guidance on this you can visit this people search directory and guide at

How to Find Old Friends without Last Name

Name searches are normally preferred when you have information such as first name and last name. Searches with a name can be conducted on people search sites, social media sites and search engines. By the way, you can also use their birthdays to reverse search and if you don’t know how to find someone’s birthday then see for a comprehensive guide.

People Search Sites

How to Find Old Friends without Last Name

Most people search sites conduct name searches using a first name and last name. Luckily, those are not the only types of searches offered by these sites. You can also search using a phone number and an address on them.

So if you do have an address or phone number of the old friend, try looking up with them on the people search sites on the relevant search boxes.

People search sites that you might consider trying would be The White Pages, 411, Yellow Pages, Verizon and Zabasearch. These are sites that offer white pages information for free online.

Social Media Sites

Social media search is one way to find old friends online. The social media sites can let you search with a name. You can add a city where you want to search from too, to help filter your search results. It might help your lookup process if the person has an unusual name.

Social networking sites also allow searches with a phone number. So if you are familiar with the old friend’s phone number, you might try looking up with it on them. Other search options on social media might be email address, residential address, place of employment, organisations as examples.

Social sites to search from might be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as these are commonly used worldwide.

Search Engines

How to Find Old Friends without Last Name

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are the go to places when people are looking to find something online. You might consider giving them a try. To help your search, adding a city might prove resourceful too. Again, it would be a much easier process if the person has a unique name.
If these solutions don’t give any positive outcome, a private investigator might be the next suggestion. They will cost to hire though but might give you what you need.
A lookup with a name only is like looking for a needle in a haystack as most searches will return a massive amount to hits to lookup from. Searches with a phone number, email address, residential address and places of employment might give you the results that you desperately need.