How to Find out if Someone is Listening to your Calls?

Our smartphones store a lot of personal information: photos and videos, notes and reminders, as well as many other files that are not intended for third parties and eyes. In addition, we share personal information with our interlocutors directly through telephone calls. Thus, accordingly, it is very important to ensure the protection of all this data. One should understand that the number of mobile spy app free programs is significant. More and more developers try to represent their new applications because such programs are in need among various categories of the population. Here, we will talk about the signs to which you should pay attention to understand that your smartphone is tapped.

Types of listening to your calls

  • Transmitting of calls and SMS to another device without the awareness of the owner is the simplest and most common method of listening to your calls. In this case, in addition to you, the conversation or message is also transmitted to other devices, apart from your one, about which you do not even know.
  • Malware installed on a smartphone. The malware may help to steal or damage your personal data. Also, it enables turning on your microphone, and the listener will have access to the conversation within a close radius of access. There are several ways how this malware appears on your device: unsecured Internet connection, various types of messages, and Bluetooth. Everybody can visit such websites as RealSpyApps and choose an application that will respond to the person’s needs.
  • The use of specialized listening hardware. Such a method is not affordable for everyone and is considered “professional.” This specialized hardware is costly and cannot be bought easily on the market. But if you managed to get it, you may listen to someone’s calls exactly during the conversation.

Main signs of Wiretapping

Detecting wiretapping is not that difficult. It is necessary to carefully examine your smartphone and pay attention to some details or unusual features. So, the main signs of phone tapping are the following:

How to Find out if Someone is Listening to your Calls?
  • Unusual sounds during a call, in the form of an echo or crackling in the speaker, can confirm the fact of listening to your calls. However, it can be a malfunction of your phone, and it is necesary to refer to the service center.
  • The smartphone makes an unusual noise. Sounds in the form of “gurgling” may appear when your smartphone is close to other electronic devices such as computer speakers, TV, and record player. Such obstacles are natural when actively using a smartphone. In case of interference when the phone is lying “idle,” there is reason to think.
  • Heating of the phone’s battery when not in use. Such a problem may indicate that the smartphone is broken or that hidden programs, possibly spyware, are actively running.
  • The battery discharges unusually quickly. Decreasing battery capacity after several years of operation is a common and natural phenomenon, but if this happens with a new phone, it is an indirect sign of continuous recording of your conversations.
  • Involuntary turning on/off, rebooting the phone, and repetitive self-registration in the Network. The presence of such symptoms is a sign that the gadget can be controlled without the awareness of the owner.
  • When the screen or phone does not turn off after the mobile phone is turned off, it can be assumed that there is a software crash or the installation of unlicensed software. Another reason can be malicious software, which was downloaded on your phone without your consent.
  • In some cases, in smartphones that support the operation of two SIMs, an unknown mobile operator marked with numbers may “appear.”

Other Sources you can Refer to

If you have certain suspicions that someone is listening to your calls, but you cannot detect them with the help of the mentioned above tips, there are other suggestions on how to act.

For example, you can contact the operator for help. As a rule, communication companies must have line testing equipment. However, most likely, this service will not be free of charge.

Additionally, you may contact the specialists of technical information protection companies. They can be found on the Internet after your request online. They will certainly help to solve the problem, but, of course, their services will not be free as well.

Contacting the p[olice is also an option here. Although, you should contact the police as a last resort – if you have evidence of espionage against you.

Final Word

As can be seen, everybody can be under the threat of being tapped. That is why one should be attentive to the signs of their smartphone, and in case of any suspicions, it is recommended to ask for help. There are more than enough ways to do it, both online and offline.