Contrary to popular belief, the best mobile and broadband deals aren’t always the fastest, cheapest, or packed with the greatest number of perks. However, it should be in sync with your requirements. The cheapest one can suffice your needs if you are planning to use the internet for occasionally browsing social media or sending emails. If you are working from home, are an avid gamer, or a Netflix addict, then you might require a broadband connection offering unlimited data and superfast internet.

How To Find The Best Broadband & Phone Deals This Autumn

Your requirements might also change over time and something which could be referred to as an excellent broadband package today might not be suitable a few months down the line. Today we are going to discuss ways of finding the most lucrative phone and broadband deals:

  • The first step is to check the monthly price of different deals. Once your initial contract lapses, you are most likely to be charged hefty out-of-contract fees. This makes a new broadband deal a better choice compared to your existing one if you are trying to cut down on your broadband budget. Depending upon your usage metrics, you can negotiate with the service provider. On signing up for a broadband package, most users commit to a fixed-period contract lasting between 12-24 months. This price gets hiked up significantly on completion of the period. Switching between providers can be a great way of saving money as the old one will try to retain you by offering discounts and the new one will try to increase its user base with tempting offers.
  • Speed of your broadband connection is another important factor to consider while choosing amongst various packages. You can stream Tv shows, movies, music in HD quality by banking on faster download speeds although they come with a steeper price tag. This makes it imperative to select a package that is in sync with your requirements as you don’t need to pay upfront for high speed if you don’t require the same.
  • If you are using the landline, then you can opt for a broadband and phone deal bundle. However, these deals shall be beneficial only if you are making and receiving both national and international calls using your landline. The best bundle deals will offer a plethora of features like anytime calls, discounted international call rates, free minutes, etc.
  • While most broadband contracts span over 12, 18, or 24 months, you can also find providers offering flexible rolling plans. Longer contracts lead to a lower monthly fee but levy a bulky termination charge if you cancel the contract before its due date. If you are planning to shift, then it is always better to go ahead with flexible contracts.
  • Providers often try sweetening the pot by offering freebies like bill credits, cash back on the purchase or trade in your iPhone, sim-only deals, etc. These rewards hold high value and can enrich the worth of your overall package.


Comparing cheap deals before choosing a broadband deal can help you avail the best package. Various portals allow making comparisons in terms of price, speed, and provider after simply typing in your postcode. While carrying out the comparison, the types of deals you get shall depend on your local internet connection. Some might be commonly available compared to others making it imperative to check the broadband availability regularly in your area.

Certain broadband providers might advertise gigabit download speeds. However, the infrastructure and cables in your house address might not be compatible with the same. Broadband providers around the globe are banking on the latest technological updates to upgrade their network quality. This is why you need to check the available features regularly. You can enjoy gigabit broadband speeds of 1000Mbps if FTTP or fiber-to-the-premises broadband has been installed in your locality. In the case of the traditional copper phone lines, you will have to choose amongst slower but more widely-available FTTC broadband.

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