How to Fix: Apple Magic Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

As people say, once you have experienced a wireless device, it becomes pretty hard to go back to wired connections. Apple’s Magic Mouse was designed for users who wanted to get a premium device without being tied down to a cord connection.

Although Apple is quite famous for its premium quality devices, we all know there is always a chance of running into issues with a mechanical device. Also, Check out how techanzone provides quality tips, tricks and troubleshooting guides about Mac and Windows.

How to Fix Apple Magic Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

So, let’s discuss why your Apple Mouse keeps disconnecting and how you can fix it.

4 Reasons Why Your Apple Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

After doing thorough research, we have found four different reasons that can cause your Apple Mouse to continuously disconnect. Let’s discuss these reasons one by one:

1. Software or Stale Connection

Just like all wireless devices, Apple’s Magic Mouse also relies on software to connect itself with your Mac. So, sometimes, if your software becomes outdated or corrupt, it can affect your connection that can make your Apple Mouse disconnect continuously.

To fix this issue, you can try one of the solutions below and see if it fixes your problem or makes it better:

  • Head to your macOS update center and ensure you are running the latest operating system version. In case there are pending updates, complete them and recheck your mouse.
  • Visit your Bluetooth connections and check whether your Apple Mouse is visible in the list of devices and connected to your respective Mac. If it isn’t, try reconnecting your mouse and recheck the issue.
  • If you suffer from a stale connection, you can fix it by turning off your Apple Mouse completely for a few seconds. After this, turn on the power, try connecting again, and see if the issue persists.
  • Navigate to your Mac’s Bluetooth setting and restart your Bluetooth connection. Once your mouse reconnects, monitor whether it disconnects or not.
  • Unpair your Apple Mouse from your Mac and then pair it again using the same method as before.

In case none of these solutions has been helpful, you can move on to the next method.

2. Battery Life

How to Fix: Apple Magic Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

If you weren’t able to fix your Apple Mouse through the software fixes, there is a chance that it is related to your batteries. They are the primary power source that fuels your Magic Mouse to work all the time properly.

Another reason to look into this is that many internet users have complained about having issues with the batteries not fitting properly, leading to disconnection as soon as the first Magic Mouse was introduced as it didn’t allow the AA batteries to sit properly.

The most common element among these users was that they would face disconnection issues whenever they would do a sudden jolt or shake movement with the Magic mouse. Now, even though this issue can be fixed by opening the cover and fixing your batteries, there is a high chance it will arise again.

Since many users have registered these complaints, they have also come up with some DIY solutions listed below that can be used to fix this problem without having to waste a lot of your time and effort.

Try all of them one-by-one to check if the problem is fixed or not:

  • Wrap an aluminum foil around the negating end of your battery to increase its size slightly, which allows it to not only sit comfortably in the battery pocket, but since aluminum is a great conductor of electricity, you won’t face any connection issues as well.
  • Cut out a small piece of thin cardboard or paper and then fit it into your batteries’ middle. This solution will allow your batteries to stay firm even when you do sudden or jolt movements.
  • Wrap duct tape around your batteries to increase their size while ensuring that the end als aren’t covered. It will allow your batteries to sit comfortably in the battery compartment and stop them from moving around.
  • Take your batteries out of the mouse and gently stretch the springs inside the battery compartment towards the center section. This will help your batteries better grip while sitting inside your mouse.

If you are using the Magic Mouse 2, the chances of running into a similar problem are minimal because, unlike the first edition, it comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. So, just ensure they are properly charged, and you should be ready to go.

3. Bluetooth Connection Interference

Suppose your issue is related to a software glitch or your batteries. In that case, there is a chance that there might be a wireless device in the vicinity interfering with your Magic Mouse, forcing it to disconnect from your Mac continuously.

To tackle this issue, the first thing you need to do is to look for all the available wireless devices near your Mac. In case you see any relevant device that could be a reason, try moving away from that spot and see if the issue persists.

Besides the Bluetooth connections, there is also a chance of interference if you are using the Wi-Fi connection to sync a wireless device with your Mac. You can turn off these devices one by one and check if any of them is the reason behind your disconnection.

If you are able to find the interference device, you can simply disconnect everything from your Mac and connect your Magic Mouse first. Once it is connected, you can connect each of your other wireless devices separately.

4. Hardware Failure

How to Fix: Apple Magic Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

In case any of the solutions mentioned here aren’t able to stop your Apple Mouse from continuously disconnecting, there is a high chance that the issue might be related to your device’s hardware.

Now, if your mouse is still under warranty, you can send it to Apple’s customer center and see if they can either replace the faulty component or replace your mouse with a new one. But if your warranty period has expired, you might have to purchase a new one yourself.

But before you purchase a new mouse, just to be sure, try connecting your Magic Mouse to another Mac or Apple device. If you face the same problems, it will confirm that the mouse itself is faulty and needs to be changed.

How Long Does an Apple Mouse Last

Even though the Apple Mouses are considered to have the excellent build quality, similar to their other machines, it also has an expected life span. Once you pass this threshold, there is a chance that your mouse might start malfunctioning, impacting your workflow in the process.

Usually, this period is equivalent to the warranty provided by the company, which in this case is roughly around a year from the original purchase date. But in most cases, Apple Mouses are found to have a lifespan of at least 3 to 5 years.

Now keep in mind that your Apple Mouse’s life also depends on how you use it, which can heavily impact how long it can withstand before dying completely.