How To Fix iPhone Black Screen And iPhone Frozen at Apple Logo Using dr.fone iOS Repair


Seeing your iPhone crash is a heart-stopping experience. Even if you don’t drop it and your smartphone has a protective case, the black screen is sometimes inevitable. Panic strikes when your iPhone won’t turn on and attempts to bring it back to life only become frustrating. Well, with dr.fone iOS system recovery, you won’t have to panic much longer.

How To Fix iPhone Black Screen And iPhone Frozen at Apple Logo Using dr.fone iOS Repair

The iPhone black screen has appeared even on the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR and the iPhone X. Another common issue is users getting stuck in iPhone dfu mode staring at the Apple boot up logo for hours.

So what do you do when your iPhone is stuck in recovery? What are the necessary steps to save your precious investment from the black screen of death?

Software vs Hardware Issue

Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare

The first thing you should do when your iPhone won’t turn on is to think back about the last action you took before the crash took place. Have you dropped your iPhone a few feet into hard pavement? Did it fall into the kitchen sink, or gone into the pool with you when you jumped? All of these things point to a hardware malfunction.

On the software side, your iPhone may have been the victim of a malware, an incomplete or corrupted system update or low storage space. iPhone crashes are fairly common whenever an app goes out of its boundaries or when you simply have too many programs open at one time.

Fixing iPhone Black Screen Software Problems

Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare
Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare

dr.fone is the best program to use if you want to fix an iPhone black screen without risking loss of data. Aside from being fast, stable and efficient, dr.fone – Repair offers a few solutions to the most common software problems iPhone users encounter.

dr.fone has the edge over iPhone software repair programs given its stellar features:

– Is 2 to 3 times faster than the leading iPhone black screen program.

– Revive your iPhone with zero loss of data.

– Fixes a variety of iOS issues, including white Apple logo, recovery mode, stuck on reboot, black screen and others.

– Fully compatible with all the latest iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch.

– Supports Windows and Mac OS.

The good thing about dr.fone is that it can fix iPhone crash and iPhone won’t turn on issues without needing to take it to an Apple repair shop. Here’s a few simple steps you can take to get started.

Step 1. Install the dr.fone program on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch and choose the “Start” option to begin your iPhone black screen recovery.

Step 2. You will need to connect your iPhone to the computer via lightning cable. dr.fone will detect the device; click on the “Start” link to have the iPhone recovery program do its magic.

Step 3. Your iOS device will be shown, and the computer will download the latest firmware when you click on the “Download” button.

Step 4. When the appropriate firmware is downloaded dr.fone will begin the iPhone restoration process. Make sure your iPhone and the cable connection is secure the whole time. Wait for the program to fix your iPhone, which may take a few minutes.

Step 5. You will be asked to reboot to Normal Mode. dr.fone will display a “successful repair of your Operating System” to indicate the iPhone black screen issue is fixed. Disconnect the cable, restart your iOS device and it should be back in working condition.

Fixing iPhone Crash via iTunes

Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare
Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare

Apple recommends fixing your iPhone software issues by connecting it to iTunes. There’s a high chance that the program will restore your iOS device to working order, but unfortunately the result will be a complete wipe of your device’s stored data.

Users would need to connect their iPhones to the computer and launch the iTunes application. Wait for iTunes to recognize the device for a few minutes. Afterwards, head to the Summary section and click on the Restore option to get it fixed.

The iTunes software will display a “Warning- all data will be deleted. Continue?” message. Click on “Restore”, then wait for the recovery process to be completed.

Fixing iPhone Crash Hardware Problem

iPhone users can try to do a force restart on their device first and see if this does the trick.

Charge up your iPhone and make sure it’s not flashing a “low battery” signal. Check and see if your iPhone is taking charge and that there’s nothing wrong with the charging port. Use the original lightning cable that came with your iPhone for the best results.

If the phone still shows a black screen, you may need to take it to an official Apple Store to get it fixed. The technician can do a diagnosis and replace any damaged component for a minimal cost.

How To Fix Stuck iPhone Recovery DFU Mode

Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare
Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare

Using the iPhone DFU mode, or Device Firmware Update is fairly common among iPhone users.

This happens when data gets corrupted during firmware updates and when your iPhone gets into an endless reboot loop even when you get to Recovery mode.

The sad reality is that iPhones in DFU mode often leads to loss of data as the iOS version will be restored to factory settings. Keep in mind that a full DFU restore should only be done when there’s no other option to take, as the process kicks your iPhone back to default firmware settings.

Before anything else, try to get your iPhone out of DFU mode by pressing and holding home and power button for 10 to 15 seconds.

Saving Your iPhone Out Of DFU Mode via dr.fone Repair

Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare
Screen capture of dr.fone Repair | SOURCE: Wondershare

Luckily, dr.fone has an option to get your precious iPhone back to life without having to lose invaluable data.

You won’t need to restore your iPhone to factory settings using this method. The process is easy- just follow the steps outlined above to get your iPhone back to normal. Any iPhone crash or iPhone won’t turn on issue will be resolved in merely a few minutes.

So the next time you encounter a serious iPhone or iOS issue, don’t panic. The iPhone black screen and iPhone crashes are easy to repair as long as you have the right tools and software. However, what do you do if none of the above options work? It might be time to buy a new phone. With dr.fone – switch, transferring data from one phone to another becomes super easy! You can check out our guide in our previous article.

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